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Remove from the oven and allow to stand for 5 minutes before removing the cartouche.
In this regard, some scholars have suggested a connection between a stone block that may have served as a statue base and the lone cartouche of Tudhaliya (relief 83), but Seeher describes how Chamber C to the left of the cartouche and even more significantly the large cleft with smoothed walls to its right are also plausible locations that may have once contained objects/structures related to the cartouche.
They added that the official dating of the Pyramids is solely based on the presence of the ancient red cartouche, which prompted them to take a sample of the red paint to prove their theory.
The jewellery taken included a gold chain, a gold cartouche, a gold engagement ring, an eternity ring, a 8ins 9-karat gold bracelet, a pair of gold Nefertiti drop earrings, an 8ins 9-karat gold belcher bracelet, a plain gold ring, a gold chain with a gold crucifix pendant and ankh and a 10 karat Singapore link style bracelet.
Santiago in what is now Vanuatu failed to reproduce in full the text of the map's cartouche, forcing referral to the original in Spain (which we are pleased to reproduce in colour here).
The Palestinian families keep old rifles, which are locally known as Cartouche, in self defence," he stressed.
Her cartouche, shown above, contains her unmistakably feminine personal name.
And what was with the cartouche - wouldn't a lid have been simpler?
A smaller cartouche that provides a modern look and places more emphasis on the Hilton name.
A global consumer research study conducted as part of the logo refresh indicated strong awareness of the signature Hilton cartouche and association of the symbol with highly positive brand attributes.
Other jewellery they took included a gold cartouche with Egyptian hieroglyphics and chain, a tricoloured gold necklet and a gold dress ring with emeralds and diamonds.
Other winners included Plover Organic in the bedding category for its Cartouche Quilt, Libeco Lagae for its Alexa collection in the bath category, Lintex for its Golden Jubilee tablecloth and napkin set in the dining category and Dash & Albert for its Zipper rug in the home-accessories category.