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common name for the mushroommushroom,
type of basidium fungus characterized by spore-bearing gills on the underside of the umbrella- or cone-shaped cap. The name toadstool is popularly reserved for inedible or poisonous mushrooms, but this classification has no scientific basis.
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 species Clitocybe illudens.
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All told, the community donated 5,278 carved pumpkins for ShelterCare.
The carved pumpkin does not need to be Vic Canever or Chevrolet related.
Now just in its second year, Eugene's own Jack-o-Lanterns on Fifth could boast - Bassi didn't have an exact figure - slightly less than 5,000 carved pumpkins of nearly every imaginable variety.
The carved pumpkin, or Jack-o-Lantern, began in Ireland when legend had it that a drunkard called Jack was given a carved turnip with a glowing coal inside it by the Devil to light his way through eternity.
Only visit houses with Halloween decorations such as a carved pumpkin in the window.
Every child bringing a carved pumpkin also gets in free as part of the fun night tomorrow and Saturday and their pumpkins will be added to a giant pumpkin patch.
Families are invited to join in the fun of the zoo's Pumpkin Festival and if their child brings a carved pumpkin with them, then he or she can get into the zoo for free.
Among the activities will be a fancy dress competition, ghost walk and carved pumpkin competition.
And don't relegate your carved pumpkin to the porch - give it a place of honor as a table centerpiece.
Only visit houses with Halloween decorations such as a carved pumpkin in the window - not everyone will welcome trick or treaters, so please respect their views.
Cottage Grove is holding a Nightlight Electric Parade, with trick-or-treating on Main Street, a carved pumpkin contest and a "Dance by the Light of the Moon" dance and costume contest.