Casaubon, Isaac

Casaubon, Isaac

(kəsô`bən, Fr. ēzäk` käzōbôN`), 1559–1614, Franco-English classical scholar and theologian, b. Geneva. He became professor of Greek at Geneva and at Montpellier and by his learning attracted the notice of Henry IV of France, who made him royal librarian. After Henry's death (1610), he was invited to England by the archbishop of Canterbury. Born a HuguenotHuguenots
, French Protestants, followers of John Calvin. The term is derived from the German Eidgenossen, meaning sworn companions or confederates. Origins

Prior to Calvin's publication in 1536 of his Institutes of the Christian Religion,
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, he joined the Church of England and James I granted him a royal stipend. In 1611, Casaubon became an English subject, remaining in England the rest of his life. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Casaubon's great works are his editions of the classics, particularly AthenaeusAthenaeus
, fl. c.200, Greek writer, b. Naucratis, Egypt. His anthological work, the Deipnosophistae (Banquet of the Sophists), is a collection of anecdotes and excerpts from ancient writers whose works are otherwise lost.
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 and the Characters of TheophrastusTheophrastus
[Gr.,=divinely speaking], c.372–c.287 B.C., Greek philosopher, Aristotle's successor as head of the Peripatetics. The school flourished under his leadership.
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. He also wrote On Matters Sacred and Ecclesiastical (1614) and other scholarly tomes. Casaubon, who knew Hebrew, Aramaic, and the vernacular Yiddish as well as the classical languages, was also a student of Jewish learning. His diary, Ephemerides, was edited by his son, Florence Étienne Méric Casaubon (flōräNs` ātyĕn` mārēk`), 1599–1671, who also was a classical scholar.


See study by A. Grafton and J. Weinberg (2011).

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Unlike Edward Casaubon, Isaac Casaubon recovered from this illness and had a seemingly successful marriage.