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This edition includes new caselaw developments, substantive discussions of law and policy, and references to current Uniform Commercial Code revisions and amendments.
Conflicting views Murray wrote in his dissent that the panel majority gives little credence to caselaw supporting the principle that a patch of ice is open and obvious to a reasonable user of the premises when, as in this case, there are sufficient indicia of wintry conditions that would alert a reasonable user to the existence of ice.
The upshot of this and other caselaw is that in order for the doctrine of frustration to apply, the supposedly frustrating event has to be calamitous rather than merely costly, inconvenient or unfortunate.
Volpe (4) in 1971, however, a vast and baroque caselaw elaborated the requirements of rational agency decisionmaking under the APA.
While caselaw is not definitive, it seems unlikely that CAD files would be considered tangible products.
The court found the substantial compliance and tacit consent doctrines did not waive or supplant the signature requirement "contained in the Code, the regulations, and almost a century of caselaw."
Supreme Court's caselaw recognizes abortion as inherently different from other medical procedures, because as the Court put it, "no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential human life." Doerflinger cited Supreme Court decisions, going back to 1977, that viewed the funding of abortion as separate and distinct from the constitutional "right" to abortion.
Since its passage in 1986, it has created a pile of confused caselaw and overzealous prosecutions.
Notes and questions sections have been expanded and updated, and this edition has been revised and updated to reflect developments in liability, property, and life and health insurance, such as new caselaw about property insurance and recent mass disasters, new cases relating to automobile insurance and the innocent co-insured in property insurance contexts, new material on business interruption insurance, updated cases on causation and accident, and new treatment of regulation.