Cash Plan of Gosbank

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Cash Plan of Gosbank


a basic form of planning and regulating money circulation in the country; a document defining the main trends of cash movement, the amounts and sources of cash receipts by Gosbank (State Bank), the amounts and intended purposes of cash payments by Gosbank, and changes in the amount of money in circulation. This document is based on the planned volumes and economic significance of the flows of cash in the national economy, which move mainly from socialist enterprises and organizations to the population (income payments to the population) and from the population to the enterprises and organizations (use by the population of its income for buying goods and services).

The cash plan is prepared yearly and quarterly (with a breakdown for each month) according to the nomenclature shown in Table 1.

All sections of the Gosbank system as well as all enterprises, institutions, and organizations that have accounts of payment or

Table 1. The cash plan of the USSR Gosbank
Railroad, water, and air transportation revenuesCosts of agricultural state procurements and purchases
Taxes and feesPayments from kolkhoz accounts
Rent and payments for municipal utilitiesPayments from deposits for nonagricultural procurements and other purposes
Local tranportation revenuesLoans for individual housing construction, household acquisitions, and pawnbrokers’ operations
Revenues to be passed on to kolkhozesAssistance to enterprises of the Ministry of Communications
Revenues of postal enterprises of the Ministry of CommunicationsAssistance to savings banks
Savings bank revenuesPensions, allowances, and insurance indemnities
Revenues of places of entertainmentAllowances for business trips and management-operational expenses
Domestic service revenues 
Revenues to be passed on to housing cooperatives 
Other revenues 
Excess of expenditure over incomeExcess of income over expenditure

current accounts with the bank participate in the preparation and execution of the cash plan. The plan is approved by the Council of Ministers of the USSR.


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