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cash crop

any agricultural crop grown for the market rather than for subsistence.

Historically, the increasing importance of production for markets – including such phenomena as PLANTATION agriculture, AGRIBUSINESS, MONOCULTURE – is a central feature of social and economic development with very wide implications, including changes in LAND TENURE and forms of labour. As well as whatever new opportunities production for market brings, it also introduces into previously largely subsistence PEASANT economies new uncertainties and disruptions associated with market forces, where ‘natural’ disasters such as FAMINE from pestilence, flood or drought had formerly posed the main problems.

In the THIRD WORLD, a process of substitution of cash crops for others has been associated with processes of MODERNIZATION or DEPENDENCY and is often under the influence of foreign markets and foreign corporations. However, in Third World countries, with the growth of URBANIZATION, internal markets are often just as important. Whilst in some cases it is possible to see the substitution of some crops for others, e.g. carnations and coffee for maize and beans in Colombia, at other times the same crop may be both a subsistence and a cash crop, e.g. rice in many Asian countries. In this case, the process of movement to cash cropping may involve fewer varieties of crops being grown, having a similar effect of forcing the producer into the market to buy food previously grown for subsistence. See also SUBSISTENCE ECONOMY OR SOCIETY.

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While commending the National Economic Council which Akeredolu took the campaign to and the Bankers' Committee for approving the facility for cash crop farmers, Adefarati enjoined cocoa, oil palm and cashew farmers to take advantage of this long-awaited opportunity by approaching their banks to access the much-needed loan.
class="MsoNormalAt the top of the Kenyan cash crop pile were coffee, tea and sugarcane.
The committee was also informed that during last Kharif season agriculture sector had faced 35-45 percent waster shortage, which had contributed in reduction in area under different crops, particularly cotton crop major cash crop of the season.
Meanwhile, Cotton Commissioner in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research Dr Khalid Abdullah also termed the first spell of monsoon rains beneficial for cotton, which is another major cash crop of the season.
'The new thrust in agricultural planning introduces the planting of high value fruit trees like cacao, coffee and avocado, and trees like falcata in areas to address the problems caused by the planting of cash crops,' he added.
'There are many alternative cash crops that our farmers can plant, even cut flowers,' he said.
The villagers added that without a farm road, they are unable to cultivate cash crops and that transport costs are exorbitant.
The rains are particulalry most beneficial for wheat, which is major cash crop of the season and a vital source of staple food to tackle with the domestic food requirements as well as for exporting to fetch a reasonable foreign exchange reserves for the country, said Food Security Commissioner in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Gopang.
(2005) highlighted an extension of agricultural land use coupled with replacement of traditional staple food crops by cash crops. More precisely, Hunsdorfer (2015) reveals that in the last 10 years, large cardamom, a cash crop has experienced a decrease in production and productivity, and holds change in land use as one of the reason for it.
Prices for cash crops in Uganda have hit rock bottom and some outside assistance has been eagerly taken up.
The head of the visiting delegation has reviewed the (PTA Bank) experience with Sudan's agriculture bank in production of agriculture crops with the focus on the cash crops , pointing out to the Bank's efforts in developing marketing and storage systems with Canadian technologies and UAE financing, as well as a long-term revolving financing projects as part of the Bank's plan for the development of the agricultural sector, revealing a number of meetings with the competent authorities on the Bank's policies and the presented projects.
The erratic weather has proved lethal for the production of cotton, one of the country's key cash crops. Last year was the hottest season in the cotton growing regions over the past decade and with similar weather conditions predicted for next year, cotton production may continue to slide.