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cash register

a till with a keyboard that operates a mechanism for displaying and adding the amounts of cash received in individual sales

Cash Register


a machine that mechanizes cashbox operations, the handling of monetary receipts, and the tallying of the value of purchases in commercial establishments with multisectional accounts. Cash registers tally the cost of items and sometimes the amount of change as well; they print and give a receipt, print the operations on a control tape, and accumulate the amounts of receipts on tally counters on the basis of departments, cashiers, and item subtotals. In addition, cash registers show the transactions on two-sided indicators; when the readings are removed and the tally counters are cleared, the cash register prints their accumulated sums and the grand total on the receipt and control tapes.

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For additional information on Casio's full portfolio of electronic cash registers, please visit www.
Thanks to the integration of our innovative smart terminals with the new generation of RBS cash register systems, merchants take benefits of an optimized card & cash payment solution providing an improved consumer experience through speed of payment offering a simplified reporting on transactions to merchants,” said Luciano Cavazzana, Eastern Europe and Africa Managing Director, Ingenico Group.
Unless firms introduce and register GPRS fiscal cash registers they risk paying fines of 5,000 euros and additional 1,500 euros for the responsible person.
The Ministry of Finance supports certain exclusions in the frame of the principle of reasonableness when it comes to use of cash registers," Rasa Jakilaitiene, a Ministry representative, was quoted as saying.
of the robbery as the pharmacy's cash register would contain two days of revenue, while the pharmacy would likely be empty of customers.
Casio is the largest Japanese electronic cash register maker with a 40 percent share of the domestic market.
With a successful implementation of the RFID technology, cash registers would become obsolete since a customer could walk by a detector with a cart and all items would appear on a screen along with the total payment amount (Jensen, 2005).
Then the link to the satellite, which would connect the Teotihuacan cash registers with Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, went down--the gods must have been listening.
Luckily, they only got away with the cash register,'' he said.
The home office company is expanding its thrust into the mass market with electronic typewriters, cash registers, calculators, as well as newfangled products like multifunction machines and cordless phones.
41 percent said they would rather see retailers replace traditional cash registers with tablets to make room for additional merchandise
Slovak Telekom is improving its range of services for business customers with a collection of smart cash registers named Smart POS.