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cash register

a till with a keyboard that operates a mechanism for displaying and adding the amounts of cash received in individual sales

Cash Register


a machine that mechanizes cashbox operations, the handling of monetary receipts, and the tallying of the value of purchases in commercial establishments with multisectional accounts. Cash registers tally the cost of items and sometimes the amount of change as well; they print and give a receipt, print the operations on a control tape, and accumulate the amounts of receipts on tally counters on the basis of departments, cashiers, and item subtotals. In addition, cash registers show the transactions on two-sided indicators; when the readings are removed and the tally counters are cleared, the cash register prints their accumulated sums and the grand total on the receipt and control tapes.

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Those who want to avoid the fine and legally use their old cash registers should fulfil several conditions.
Changing product names and prices or performing other settings is often troublesome with a cash register unit.
MP Asylbek Jeenbekov said that it is necessary to take the sale of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes under total control and introduce online cash register.
"New Haven Cash Register's outstanding reputation and brand presence within the state gives us access to thousands of small retail businesses whose payment processing needs are exactly what our offerings address.
The third place winners were: 1 -5 cash registers, Tony Ertle, Edwards Right Price Market, Fort Morgan, Colo.; 6-9 cash registers, Ronnie Roddenberry, Sweetbay #1865, Spring Hill, Fla.; 10+ cash registers, Timmy Mitchell, Food City # 606, Greenville, Tenn.
"For the purchase of cash registers, funds must be allocated.
Readers asked Novikov weather he thinks that the introduction of online cash registers in Kyrgyzstan would impact on big players of the market, because they are already paying a lot more taxes than businessmen that did not install online cash registers.
"The exchange of information between the information system of the ministry and the online cash register will be carried out online.
Previous checks have shown that, often, in cases when employers hide the real remuneration, they also hide their sales revenues in order to secure funds for the so-called black cash register, while remuneration in the capital exceeds by far the minimum monthly wage.
“As part of our continuing, 60-plus year commitment to provide the Connecticut restaurant and hospitality industries with the utmost in POS and ECR service, product selection, and support, we are delighted to add the NCC Reflection solution to our line card,” said Arthur Rosenbaum, president and chief executive officer of New Haven Cash Register Company.
The Bulgarian competition watchdog started the investigation in 2009 as a result of media reports about the almost simultaneous price increase of cash registers provided by different companies.