Cashier's Office

Cashier’s Office


(cash desk), a structural subdivision of some enterprises and organizations, in particular banks entrusted with operations relating to cash and other valuables.

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The blank of the birth certificate costs 100 som, which is paid only in the cashier's office of the banks, terminals or Kyrgyzpochtasy.
The matter should not be discussed with some clerk in the cashier's office.
Later that morning staff discovered the cashier's office had been broken into and about PS11,000 taken - the money included tips meant for staff.
Modeled after Apple's Genius Bar, the 300-square-foot area, which once housed the hospital cashier's office, offers an efficient space plan and layout for monitors, tablets, and other devices, as well as multiple seating options and a small retail space at the back.
Nicosia municipality has announced changes to its opening hours and that of the municipal cashier's office.
When the attack happened, Leonid was in the market next to the cashier's office.
Badriya Ali's mother stopped talking to her for two weeks when she took up a job at a hypermarket cashier's office in Dubai.
I rushed straightaway to the cashier's office for my money.
Meanwhile, two unknown individuals riding a white Mercedes forced Mohammed Zakaria Obeid, who works at a fish store in Marina-Dbayeh, to hand over all the money in the cashier's office and fled to an unknown destination.
Students just find it more convenient to pay their bills online 24/7 rather than walking over to the cashier's office to pay during traditional business hours.
The only sound was that of an Indian TV show playing in the cashier's office that although provided some background noise, was not exactly what we had hoped for.