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Among Texereau's projects at the observatory were making the optics of a 24-inch Cassegrain reflector for Meudon Observatory and work on the primary mirrors of the 76-inch reflector at Haute-Provence Observatory and the 42-inch reflector at Pic du Midi.
Gray's 16-inch Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain reflector has a secondary mirror that is supported by an optical window, giving refractor-like images free of the diffraction spikes produced by the spider supports common to most reflectors.
I tested Nightscape at the f/4 Newtonian focus of my vintage 12(1/2)-inch classical Cassegrain reflector, using a Baader MPCC coma corrector to improve star images at the edges of the field covered by Nightscape's large chip.
Light diffracted by the spider supports of the secondary mirror of a Newtonian or Cassegrain reflector can also produce the appearance of a glow on the planet's nightside.
However, the club pays most expenses for operating the observatory and its two large telescopes--a 24-inch Cassegrain reflector, purchased with AAI funds in 1974, and a member-constructed 10-inch refractor, built in 1972.
So it's amazing that this Hubble-quality shot was captured by California amateur astronomer Tony Hallas using a 14.5-inch (37-cm) f/8 Cassegrain reflector. The 1/2 [degrees] wide field, centered on NGC 6045 (with north toward upper right), shows many galaxies undergoing interactions or mergers as they swarm around the cluster's center of mass.
The MRI serves as a backup for the HRI and features a 4.7-inch f/17.5 Cassegrain reflector and a 1,024-by-1,024-pixel CCD camera.
DETAILS: 24-inch Cassegrain reflector at f/8 and SBIG ST-10XME.
DETAILS: 0.6-meter (24-inch) Cassegrain reflector at f/8 and SBIG ST-10XME CCD camera.
DETAILS: Ganymede 0.6-meter (24-inch) Cassegrain reflector at f/8 and SBIG ST-10XME CCD camera.