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, Cassel
a city in central Germany, in Hesse; capital of Westphalia (1807--13) and of the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau (1866--1945). Pop.: 194 322 (2003 est.)



a city in the medieval county of Flanders, now inFrance. During the Flemish Uprising of 1323–28, near Cassel onAug. 23, 1328, the rebellious Flemish burghers and peasantsfought a decisive battle with the French king Philip VI of Valoisand the Flemish count Louis of Nevers. The rebel troops werecrushed, ending the rebellion and unleashing cruel reprisals bythe victorious feudal lords.

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Tyco and ADT's sponsorship of DeWayne Cassel signals a breakthrough in auto racing history marking the first time an African-American driver has obtained full financial backing in the CART Toyota Atlantic series, said the sponsors.
He told me everything we needed to do to beat them," Cassel said with a laugh.
We are pleased to partner with Cassel in his mission to reach out to young people in communities across the nation.
In the fourth quarter, Cassel knocked another long pass out of Hagan's hands, this time an instant before he caught it, and then wrapped himup on a short pass.
The Lions, Buccaneers, 49ers and Bears displayed no interest - at least publicly - in Cassel.
I play a lot of press coverage, and that's what teams are going to do,'' Cassel said.
Cassel in a joint presentation that reviewed structural alternatives for the public company that chooses to go private.
That would make Cassel, who spent his first three seasons with the Patriots tethered to the sideline before having a breakout campaign last fall, the team's highest-paid player.
If that doesn't occur, Cassel is sure to be a very popular person when unrestricted free agency begins Feb.
In an illustration of the dislocation of these women from local society, Cassel also produced a series of stills taken from a distance that depict them as barely-visible figures obscured by hanging laundry or the sun's glare reflecting off freshly cleaned windows.