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, Cassel
a city in central Germany, in Hesse; capital of Westphalia (1807--13) and of the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau (1866--1945). Pop.: 194 322 (2003 est.)



a city in the medieval county of Flanders, now inFrance. During the Flemish Uprising of 1323–28, near Cassel onAug. 23, 1328, the rebellious Flemish burghers and peasantsfought a decisive battle with the French king Philip VI of Valoisand the Flemish count Louis of Nevers. The rebel troops werecrushed, ending the rebellion and unleashing cruel reprisals bythe victorious feudal lords.

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Until Romo returns in late November however, the job is up for grabs and Cassel has a chance to finish his up-and-down career where he wishes it has been played all along because of his dad, who died in 2008 while he was with the Patriots.
In an emotional close-to-half-an-hour speech, Cassel Pins said, "I am going to talk, but I have no words-for the love and care and the extended hands that you offered me from the minute that I got off the plane.
Under the 24-month agreement, Cassel Salpeter & Co will support Bioheart with raising capital among other activities.
Melanie Jury, site director at Cassel, the largest site in the Lucite International group, said: "This is a record number of apprentices in the time we have been part of Lucite.
In his programmatic book entitled Social Policy (1902: 110), Cassel stated: "The city has a right to the incremental value, which is a fruit of the costs it has laid down.
Cassel, who received the 2009 Cesar Award - France's Academy award - for his portrayal of the bad guy, conceded America might not be an obvious market for the two-part movie.
During his talk, Cassel explained that the goals of product stewardship are to change the way products are designed so manufacturers, retailers, governments and consumers share responsibility for reducing a product's negative health and environmental impacts.
Cassel said the rental units Antheus is redeveloping in Hyde Park are filling a gap between the neighborhood s low-income rental projects and single-family housing.
One such injustice spurred Beirut-based photojournalist Matthew Cassel to embark on a project uncovering the real lives of those perhaps most forgotten by society, resulting in the
In New England they cross fingers, pray in several religions, promise their unborn, anything that would assure Cassel doesn't play Sunday.
Christine Cassel said at a meeting jointly sponsored by the American Thyroid Association and Johns Hopkins University.
Dapper all-around entertainer Jean-Pierre Cassel, whose five decades in show business encompassed well over 100 films and some 50 plays, died of cancer April 19 in Paris.