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(käs-sô`nā), the Italian term for chest or coffer, usually a bridal or dower chest, highly ornate and given prominence in the home. Major artists such as Uccello and Botticelli painted cassone panels, and prominent sculptors were also employed to carve elaborate chests. The cassone was usually decorated with mythological or historical episodes. It became one of the first means of bold secular expression in Renaissance art.



a type of wooden chest popular in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its front and side walls were decorated with gilded and red stucco, carvings, and paintings (usually of a secular character). Such eminent artists as Botticelli and Uccello worked on cassoni. In the late 15th century architectural influence in its trimming increased: the sides were often divided into panels with carving and intarsia.


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Baskins considers humanist interpretations of Camilla's appearance on cassoni to be problematic because, while Lavinia and Camilla can be read as antithetical according to a number of variables germane to fifteenth century ideas of female decorum, "in the logic of Renaissance gender ideology .
It should thus not be surprising that we find the story of Esther painted on wedding cassoni of the period, and one cassone in particular, now housed at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, dates precisely from the 1470s and suggestively links Esther with the Medici, figuring a building very similar to the Medici palace in the background.
mientras que, en un segundo plano, dos doncellas guardan el ajuar en los cassoni ofrecidos por el marido a su esposa.
Several authors (Amarante and Arim, 2005; Amarante and Espino, 2007; Cassoni, 2001; Terra et al.
A woman pushes a wheelbarrow as other Sudanese refugees look on, in the Our Cassoni refugee camp in eastern Chad on March 12, 2009.
However, the nearly 30,000 Sudanese refugees in the nearby Oure Cassoni refugee camp enjoyed no such reprieve.
Watson has shown that narratives deriving from the Teseida were popular with commissioners of Renaissance cassoni, or marriage chests.
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WFP thanked the governments of both Libya and Chad for ensuring the safe passage of these convoys through 2,800 kilometres of Sahara desert from Al Khufra, WFP's logistics hub in the south of Libya, to the Touloum, Oure Cassoni and Iridimi refugee camps in eastern Chad.
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