Andrea Del Castagno

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Castagno, Andrea Del


Born circa 1421, in Castagno, Tuscany; died Aug. 19, 1457, in Florence. Early Renaissance Italian painter. Representative of the democratic tendency in Florentine art during the mid-15th century.

Castagno was initially influenced by Masaccio, Donatello, and Paolo Uccello. He worked primarily in Florence. In 1442 he worked in Venice, and there is some evidence that in 1454 he worked in Rome. Between 1445 and 1457, Castagno painted the series of frescoes Famous Men and Women, which included portraits of Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, and the condottiere Pippo Spano, in the monastery of Santa Apollonia in Florence (now in the Castagno Museum). His work is characterized by resounding colors and fluid, energetic modeling of forms. An intense expressiveness of pose and foreshortening imparts dramatic poignancy to his works. Castagno painted the frescoes The Trinity (Church of the Annunciation, Florence, 1454–55) and The Last Supper (Castagno Museum, 1445–57). His male figures are endowed with energetic vitality and embody all the distinctive features of the Renaissance idea of man.


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