Casting Bed

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Casting Bed


part of a blast-furnace plant, located next to the furnace and intended for the tapping of cast iron and slag. In modern blast-furnace plants, the casting bed is located under a roof. Rails for casting ladles and slag pots lead to the casting beds. Before the invention and adoption of pouring machines, the casting bed was also used for pouring iron into ingot or sand molds in the production of ingots.

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casting bed

A mold, often constructed of plywood or fiberglass, which is used to give a desired shape to poured concrete.
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This structure required casting beds, using the entire 5.25-acre project site to do the formwork.
Each is scalable to a company's individual plant needs, Spancrete officials note, be it one component or device to supplement an existing system; a replacement machine that will adapt to existing casting beds; or, a multiple product configuration.
Automatic nesting places hollow core slabs in the casting beds optimally as the FloorMES E9 improves processes and reduces strand waste.
Each element was cast on site using casting beds and wood formwork, and were erected in less than three days.