Castle Mountains National Monument

Castle Mountains National Monument,

20,920 acres (8,466 hectares), SE California. Surrounded on three sides by the Mojave National Preserve (see Mojave DesertMojave or Mohave Desert,
c.15,000 sq mi (38,850 sq km), region of low, barren mountains and flat valleys, 2,000 to 5,000 ft (610–1,524 m) high, S Calif.; part of the Great Basin of the United States.
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), the monument contains Native American archaeological sites; Joshua tree, pinyon pine, and juniper forests; desert grasslands; and numerous wildlife species, including golden eagles, desert tortoises, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and bobcats. The rugged Castle Mountains rise to 5,543 ft (1,690 m) at Hart Peak.
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The three new illegally created monuments are Mojave Trails National Monument (1.6 million acres), the Sand to Snow National Monument (154,000 acres), and the Castle Mountains National Monument (21,000 acres).
No planned pads or roads are within the recently designated Castle Mountains National Monument, or the Castle Mountains Area of Critical Environmental Concern.
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack today joined members of Congress, state and local officials, and local business and community leaders in applauding the President's designation of the Sand to Snow National Monument, Mojave Trails National Monument, and Castle Mountains National Monument in southern California.
In 2016, Senator Feinstein requested President Obama to expand protections for the desert by creating the Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains national monuments. Those new public lands will also benefit from this legislation.