Castle Pinckney

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Castle Pinckney,

fortification on Shutes Folly, an island in the harbor of Charleston, S.C.; built in 1797, when war with France seemed imminent; named for the American diplomat Charles Cotesworth PinckneyPinckney, Charles Cotesworth,
1746–1825, American political leader and diplomat, b. Charleston, S.C.; brother of Thomas Pinckney and cousin of Charles Pinckney. After attending Oxford and the military academy at Caen, France, he returned to Charleston, where in 1769 he
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. It was a factor in the confrontation at Fort SumterFort Sumter,
fortification, built 1829–60, on a shoal at the entrance to the harbor of Charleston, S.C., and named for Gen. Thomas Sumter; scene of the opening engagement of the Civil War. Upon passing the Ordinance of Secession (Dec.
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 (1860), the start of the Civil War.
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Attorney General Homer Cummings advised President Franklin Roosevelt in 1938 that he lacked the authority to revoke President Calvin Coolidge's designation of the Castle Pinckney National Monument because he concluded that no power existed to revoke a prior monument designation.
In 1938, Cummings addressed the question of whether the secretary of the interior could abolish the Castle Pinckney National Monument in Charleston, South Carolina, and transfer the land to the War Department.
Cummings then immediately concludes, in ipse dixit fashion (without making a coherent argument), that: "For the reasons stated above, I am of the opinion that the President is without authority" to issue a proclamation revoking the Castle Pinckney National Monument.

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