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cord made from the intestines of various animals (especially sheep and horses, but not cats). The membrane is chemically treated, and slender strands are woven together into cords of great strength, which are used for stringing musical instruments such as the violin and the harp. Roman strings, imported from Italy, are considered the best for musical instruments. Catgut is also used for stringing tennis rackets and for some surgical sutures.



cord made from the intestines of small cattle; a surgical sewing material. Catgut is used for internal sutures and for ligating blood vessels during operations. Catgut sutures are sometimes used externally under plaster casts. Catgut is absorbed by the tissues after seven to 30 days. [12–191–]


A thin cord made from the submucosa of sheep and other animal intestine; used for sutures and ligatures, for strings of musical instruments, and for tennis racket strings. Also known as gut.
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1 chromic cat gut, subcutaneous suture were given by Vicryl no.
And now for the answers: The Hundred Years War actually lasted 116 years; Panama hats are made in Ecuador, you get cat gut from sheep and horses, Russians celebrate the October Revolution in November, a camel's hair brush is made from squirrel fur, the Canary Islands are named after dogs, the first name of King George VI was Albert, a purple finch is crimson, Chinese gooseberries are from New Zealand and a black box is orange.
The tumorous masses were removed surgically and the haemorrhage was controlled by chromic cat gut #1 and firing irons.
Contract awarded for acquisition cat gut suture chromic suture vicryl 2-0 1
The bleeding points were clamped and ligated with # 3/0 chromic cat gut, while the mucosa was apposed by simple interrupted sutures using chromic cat gut #2/0 (Fig.