Catahoula Parish

Catahoula Parish, Louisiana

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Harrisonburg, LA 71340
Phone: (318) 744-5497
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In northeastern LA, northeast of Alexandria; organized Mar 23, 1808 (prior to statehood) from Rapides Parish. Name Origin: From an Indian name of uncertain origin. Three derivations have been suggested: for the Etacoulow River 'River of the Great Spirit,' now called Little River, which runs through the parish; from Choctaw okkattahoola 'beautiful white water,' or Choctaw-French combination 'lake people.'

Area (sq mi):: 739.43 (land 703.65; water 35.78) Population per square mile: 14.80
Population 2005: 10,447 State rank: 59 Population change: 2000-20005 -4.30%; 1990-2000 -1.30% Population 2000: 10,920 (White 71.30%; Black or African American 27.10%; Hispanic or Latino 0.90%; Asian 0.10%; Other 1.00%). Foreign born: 0.10%. Median age: 36.70
Income 2000: per capita $12,608; median household $22,528; Population below poverty level: 28.10% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $16,747-$19,922
Unemployment (2004): 8.10% Unemployment change (from 2000): -3.00% Median travel time to work: 38.30 minutes Working outside county of residence: 40.30%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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At any rate, it's Sunday morning, and I'm cruising through the wide-open spaces of Catahoula Parish. Again, not a car in sight.
I'd just have been a lot happier paying my $125 for a legitimate offense in Catahoula Parish, than to a trap in Gilbert.
Robert Farrington, a signalman-gunner aboard USS Catahoula Parish (LST-528) made landings at Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches in June 1944.
Conscription in Catahoula Parish, a rare pocket of rural Louisiana Unionism, proved especially difficult.
Up to six years of data (the current year and the five previous years where available) are presented in Louisiana's District Composite Reports on Catahoula Parish. Each year, this report is updated by adding the most current year?s data and deleting the data that are more than six years old.
However, bulk and surface sampling of the type locality of the Oligocene Rosefield Marl Beds (Catahoula Parish, Louisiana) have produced evidence of a diverse marine fauna.
One such dog is the Catahoula hound, or "hog dog," a wonderful animal with glass-blue eyes and webfeet adapted to the swamplands of Catahoula Parish in central Louisiana, where I was reared.
The most intelligent and valiantworking dog I have encountered in civilian life is a breed known as the Catahoula hound, or "hog dog." I grew up in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, where these dogs were used to herd semiwild swamp hogs that residents raised for a living.
Over the years, she also has been associated with farms in Concordia and Catahoula parishes in Louisiana, Woodruff and Chicot counties in Arkansas and Bolivar County, Miss.
Add to this the possibility that one of the nation's three Empowerment Zones may cover an area that includes portions of Concordia, Franklin and Catahoula parishes.