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a nationality living in eastern Spain, primarily in Catalonia but also in Aragón and Valencia and on the Balearic and Pine islands. The population in Spain is more than 5.3 million (1970, estimate). Catalans also live in France (approximately 200, 000), Italy (approximately 15, 000, mainly on the island of Sardinia), Andorra (approximately 7, 000), and the USA and Latin America (approximately 200, 000). They speak Catalan and Spanish, and their religion is Catholicism.

The ancestors of the Catalans were Iberian tribes who came under the influence of the Celts, Carthaginian and Greek colonists, and, after the third century B.C., the Romans. The Alani, and later the Visigoths, ruled the territory of the Catalans for a short time in the fifth century. In the early eighth century the Catalans were conquered by the Arabs, who were driven out of northern Catalonia by the Franks in the late eighth century. The ethnic distinctiveness of the Catalans among the peoples of Spain was determined to a great extent by their prolonged contacts with the Franks. From the formation of a unified Spanish kingdom in the late 15th century until the mid-20th century, the Catalans have fought against the centralizing policies of the Spanish rulers and struggled for regional autonomy. During this struggle the Catalan nationality gradually took shape. The Catalans are engaged in industry (especially textiles), agriculture, and, along the coast, fishing. The distinctive culture of the Catalans is clearly expressed in their dances (the sardana and contrapás), choral singing, and crafts (artistic smithing, majolica). The Catalans possess a rich literature in their own language.


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Most Catalans who opposed the referendum on the grounds that it was illegal didn't go to the polls; and so mostly pro-independence Catalans turned out, leading to a result in favour of independence.
Other regions will be cautious about going down the Catalan path, given the unequivocal attitude of the Spanish state.
We believe it is urgent to listen to Catalan citizens, all of them, so they can decide their future and nobody can act outside the law on their behalf.
Madrid [Spain], Oct 28 ( ANI ): Sacked Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has called for "democratic opposition" against Spain's formal takeover of Catalonia.
Romeva was asked whether he believed all institutions, including the police, would follow orders from Catalan institutions rather than from the Spanish government.
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CATALAN president Carles Puigdemont has said he has a mandate to declare independence for the northeastern Spanish region but is prepared to wait "a few weeks" in order to facilitate a dialogue.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 1 October 2017: Catalonian police officers challenged Spanish security forces over violence incited against Catalonian voters outside polling stations, aiming to prevent ballot on the splitting of Catalonia from Spain, Catalan news reported on its official Twitter account on Sunday.
Spain's efforts to prevent Catalans from voting in a referendum on independence Sunday are likely driving a further wedge between the rest of the country and residents of the autonomous region, who lacked faith in Spain's leadership to begin with.
The police operation comes a day after officers seized over 45,000 notifications destined for Catalans selected to staff polling stations.