Catalina Island

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Catalina Island:

see Santa CatalinaSanta Catalina
or Catalina Island,
S Calif., one of the Channel Islands, off Huntington Beach, Calif. It is a resort island, 22 mi (35 km) long and 1 to 8 mi (1.6–12.9 km) wide, with a picturesque, irregular coastline dotted with coves and beaches.
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John Wayne's name cropped up again in the Catalina Island Museum as one of many old Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Wiesmuller and Humphrey Bogart who lived on, filmed on (more than 500 movies have been shot there), or just loved the island.
"We are so appreciative of the Marines' and the Navy's commitment to this partnership, and we welcome the arrival of all this equipment they're providing for the runway repair," said Tony Budrovich, Catalina Island Conservancy president and CEO.
Clams were largest at Dungeness West, followed by Santa Cruz Island, both intertidal sites, and last at Catalina Island (Fig.
Jordan (1907) also mentions Santa Catalina Island where "during the past few years I have seen one oarfish (Regalecus russelli) alive, while another was brought to me dead," indicating that there may have been a few more unconfirmed sightings at Catalina Island during this time.
On Santa Catalina Island, the water's clear emerald; the rolling mountains are lush; and shoals of garibaldi often make an appearance.
In the 1940's I grew up on Santa Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California.
Spectacular, if a bit vertiginous, floor-to-ceiling expanses of multi-paned windows open most rooms to balconies and terraces with panoramic views that, on a clear day, extend from the Santa Monica mountains to Santa Catalina Island. Residents of the super-luxe condo complex are provided with round-the-clock concierge services, valet parking, a fully outfitted fitness center, a pool, and a temperature-controlled wine cellar with private storage lockers.
Off shore from Los Angeles and Newport Beach, Catalina Island looms mysteriously like Bali Hai.
Garcelon (1988) hypothesized that the Bald Eagle population on Santa Catalina Island, California, became extirpated after scavenging on the carcasses of California Ground Squirrels that were poisoned with strychnine and sodium monofluroacetate (compound 1080).
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 1, 2015-GE to provide desalination technology to Catalina Island for fresh water supply
From the Gold Country to Catalina Island, to New York City to Paris, they are forced to rely on the FBI, the French police, and hefty measures of their own quick wits, intuition, and marksmanship to survive.
Amy Catalano said she and a co-worker at the Catalina Island Conservancy were conducting a bird survey on Monday and standing on a bluff when they spotted the long body of the creature on the island's shore below.