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a commerical establishment where meals can be bought and eaten. In the 16th cent. English inns and taverns began to serve one meal a day at a fixed time and price, at a common table, and usually distinguished by a special dish.
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What does it mean when you dream about a cafeteria?

Food in varieties and in abundance such as in a cafeteria or an “all one can eat” environment may suggest ideas that need to be digested. The statement “food for thought” may be a meaningful way of understanding this dream. Too much may mean one is fed up with a condition or relationship. If fear surrounds the selection of food, the dream may be indicating the basic fight or flight response to something threatening to eat you, or that a lot has been “eating at” the dreamer lately.

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Current tenants include Easy Gym, Soho Coffee, Cafe Caribe, Pret a Manger, Caffe Nero and we also have a catering unit under offer which we hope to announce later this year.
The catering unit had been successfully privatized and became the Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering Company; the freight unit became a company, as well as ground services.
The work included the modernisation of flight information screens with the introduction of several plasma screens, clearer 'way-finding' signage, replacement flooring tiles on the upper level, plus the creation of four new shops and one additional catering unit on the upper level.
Abu Dhabi The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has closed down an unlicensed catering unit at Al Jaber Group's labour accommodation in Madinat Zayed in the Western Region, following a major incident of food poisoning which affected 243 workers.
said Monday it will sell its catering unit TFK Corp.
Japan Airlines' catering unit draws 2 potential buyers
The catering unit was the first to be privatized as Saudia sold 49 percent of it in 2008, followed by the cargo unit.
The new catering unit will be ready in time to accommodate several airline customers of Gate Gourmet's operations worldwide who plan to begin Haneda flights.
No date was specified for the IPO, but previous reports suggest that a 30 percent stake in the catering unit will be floated in the third quarter of 2010.
Naturally the Masoods' new arrival makes his first appearance in dramatic style, after Zainab gets locked in at the catering unit and goes into labour, just as the phone stops working.
BBC One Zainab is furious when he finds Christian and Syed getting cosy in the catering unit, and a vicious row breaks out that ends in her son storming off.
He said the catering unit could affect the Arena's policy of dispersing people quickly from the area after they left the premises.