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They have completely different taste profiles, much like the wine itself," Cates says.
With today's Social Security benefit averaging $1,230 per month, that's an unsustainable level when there's no benefit increase to match," Cates explained.
Background: Cates, who has served on the faculty at Valdosta State since 1993, taught communication arts before becoming area head for speech communication, followed by department head in communication arts, interim assistant dean and then associate dean.
An opportunity presented itself last spring; Cates was given the chance to work with HMC as a guest conductor for last spring's concert, I am Harvey Milk.
Eldridge and Cates have been partners since the founding of ReelWorks Studios in 2009 and have collaborated on the production of several feature films, such as The Ultimate Gift (2006), Trinity Goodheart (2011), The Shunning (2011), The Confession (2013) and The Ultimate Life (2013), among others.
Cates called the four-part mini-series -- out Wednesday and illustrated by artist Geoff Shaw and colored by Lauren Affe -- a sobering look at the relationship between power and addiction and "the very real consequences of both'' on a person and his livelihood.
There's much uncertainty out there, and I'm seeing people expanding on their purchases of the last four years," Cates said, pointing out that many of those firearms were just stored away by consumers.
This feedback can help a company start building its strategies," says Cates, "especially, once I know where I have really solid trusted relationships, those on an individual personal basis, and where am I underperforming.
More than 20 years since she played the depressed, morbidly overweight mother of Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," Darlene Cates is about half the woman she used to be after a 250-pound weight loss.
Gil Cates was a gregarious man of great patience and generous instincts who always seemed to be testing himself.
PRODUCER and director Gilbert "Gil" Cates, who oversaw a record 14 Academy Awards ceremonies and founded the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles, died last week aged 77.
A few weeks ago the excellent Kelly Cates received a cold response from Sir Alex Ferguson for asking a perfectly valid question about the United goalkeeping situation.