fish farming

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fish farming:

see aquacultureaquaculture,
the raising and harvesting of fresh- and saltwater plants and animals. The most economically important form of aquaculture is fish farming, an industry that accounts for an ever increasing share of world fisheries production.
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Resource use efficiency in small scale catfish farming in Osun State, Nigeria.
But you'll likely draw a blank stare if you ask them what Bangladesh has to do with Mississippi catfish farming. The real answer is that the tiny country on the Indian Subcontinent has plenty to do with it.
Majority of the respondents were found to be relatively young in catfish farming as their catfish farming experience 4.6years.
Another challenge in the early stages of catfish farming was one of timing.
With rising costs and continued competition from imports, even though Vietnam has been forbidden to label its basa and tra catfish as "catfish," the US catfish farming industry has declined for several consecutive years.
Catfish farming in Alabama is a relatively new industry: it began in 1960 when three individuals helped create the industry from scratch.
Catfish farming itself is fraught with challenges, and Battle rates the process as "high risk." Currently, Battle Fish Farms consists of approximately 200 ponds holding almost 3,000 acres of water.
The temperatures inside the greenhouse can go as high as the desired 30-35OC for tilapia and catfish farming. Some farmers have been able to rear the cold water fish, rainbow trout, alongside tilapia through this environmental modification.
With the birth of freshwater catfish farming in the 1960s, the catfish has made a big splash, netting the number-one spot in the U.S.
Val Slater, a long, time attorney for the domestic catfish farming industry, also attended the Little Rock gathering.
"I found out coaching was pretty easy after all," he said of the catfish farming experiment.
"The DoC decision is unfair and far from objective, as it does not reflect the true situation of tra and basa catfish farming, processing and export by Vietnamese businesses," said Phan Thuy Thanh, spokeswoman for the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry.