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bird, common name for members of the Turdidae, a large family of birds found in most parts of the world and noted for their beautiful song. The majority are modestly colored, with spotted underparts, in either the young or the adult stage, although some have bright
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satrapa Lichtenstein, golden- I C crowned kinglet Family Sylviidae (old world warblers) Polioptila caerulea (Linnaeus), I C blue-gray gnatcatcher Family Turdidae (thrushes) Catharus fuscescens (Stephens) I O veery C.
calendula Veery Catharus fuscescens Swainson's Thrush C.
calendula 47 28 H/g ** Veery Catharus fuscescens 4 12 -/- Swainson's Thrush C.