Catherine Tekakwitha

Catherine Tekakwitha:

see Kateri TekakwithaKateri Tekakwitha, Saint
or Saint Catherine Tekakwitha,
1656–80, Native American holy woman known as the Lily of the Mohawks, b. Ossernenon (now Auriesville, N.Y.).
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MARLBOROUGH - Sister Laurette Germain, known in religion as Sister Mary Catherine Tekakwitha, died Monday, Jan.
Les quatre suites d'illustrations realisees par Beaulac pour Levesque comprennent un hors-texte, dix vignettes et quatre culs-de-lampe pour L'Evangile dans la vie scoute catholique du pere franciscain Vincent (ne Vincent Belanger), six hors-texte pour Montcalm se fache d'Harry Bernard, ainsi que trois bandeaux histories pour La vie inspiree de Jeanne Mance de Pierre Benoit et La vie gracieuse de Catherine Tekakwitha de Juliette Lavergne.
But it is her reading of earlier portraiture across the Americas, focusing on Claude Chauchetiere's famous painting of Catherine Tekakwitha as well as two remarkable monja coronada [crownednun] paintings of Indigenous nuns, that leads us most effectively beyond the "deceit of visibility." One of the challenges of this approach is to deal with the desire to gauge what is truly Indian and what is European in these paintings.
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Greer does indeed focus on individual "lives," and by addressing the specific concerns of each, gradually creates the mosaic that is the life of Catherine Tekakwitha (Kateri Tegakouita [1656-80]), "Saint of the Mohawks."
Catherine Tekakwitha, a Mohawk convert who followed a life of penance and chastity without having taken formal religious vows, died in April 1680; after her death, Indigenous women of New France described Catherine's "apparitions" to them in which she bid farewell and rose into heaven (Greer, Mohawk Saint 19).
Allan Greer has described this book as a "dual biography" of the famous Blessed Catherine Tekakwitha and her hagiographer, the Jesuit priest Claude Chauchetiere.
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