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Catherine of Aragón:

see Katharine of AragónKatharine of Aragón,
1485–1536, first queen consort of Henry VIII of England; daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragón and Isabella of Castile. In 1501 she was married to Arthur, eldest son of Henry VII.
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Catherine of Aragon

1485--1536, first wife of Henry VIII of England and mother of Mary I. The annulment of Henry's marriage to her (1533) against papal authority marked an initial stage in the English Reformation
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Although Catherine of Aragon is credited for introducing and popularizing blackwork to England, this form of stitching was known in England long before she arrived in 1501.
Orange Order, a creditable third last time at Hexham in a race that has worked out well, should go close in the Catherine of Aragon Handicap Hurdle (3.
DABUS was a most impressive winner at his local track a fortnight ago, turning what was meant to be a competitive handicap into a procession, but Chapman is going further afield in a bid to supplement those gains - to Southwell for the Catherine of Aragon Handicap Hurdle (3.
A series of benefices followed, climaxed by his appointment as bishop of London in 1530, as a reward for his many services to the king, especially lobbying among European scholars for the legality of his royal master's divorce from Queen Catherine of Aragon.
Think of Catherine of Aragon, who was much older than King Henry VIII.
Henry VIII of England (1491-1547), who became king in 1509, abandoned his wife, Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536) in 1531 because the Pope would not grant him a divorce, married Anne Boleyn (1507?
Henry VIII through his suggestions regarding Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon.
In addition to his famous female consorts, 20+ years of marriage to Catherine of Aragon and infamous dalliance with Anne Boleyn, the series delves into Henry's most notable political relationship and the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church in England.
1509: Henry VIII married his sister-in-law, Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, the first of his six wives.
1509: Henry VIII married his sister-inlaw, Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, the first of his six wives.
WHEN did Catherine of Aragon marry Henry VIII of England?
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