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The notification must include contact information about the exporter, the recycler and an alternate recycler as well a description of the manner in which the cathode ray tubes will be recycled, means of transport, total quantity of cathode ray tubes and information about transit countries the items will pass through.
Bridgend plant to specialise in making cathode ray tubes.
The Bridgend plant makes the cathode ray tubes, which are used in the colour televisions assembled at Pencoed.
It recovers and recycles electrical, electronic and computer-related equipment and also operates a plant dedicated to the recycling of cathode ray tubes from TVs and computer monitors.
The company also operates a cathode ray tube (CRT) recycling plant in a separate facility that can handle leaded glass scrap.
LG Philips is a Hong Kong-based maker of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) used in televisions and monitors.
Those electronics are now banned from California landfills because the cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal display or LCD monitors contain toxic metals that can leach from dumps over time.
Nine of 30 cathode ray tubes from color computer monitors passed the standard shredded-parts test even though separate tests have shown that most of these tubes contain huge amounts of lead (SN: 11/4/00, p.