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Catholic League,

in French history: see Holy LeagueHoly League,
in Italian history, alliance formed (1510–11) by Pope Julius II during the Italian Wars for the purpose of expelling Louis XII of France from Italy, thereby consolidating papal power.
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While Shaw and her co-stars were thrilled by the Golden Globe nominations "SMILF" received, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights doesn't think that the show deserves any recognition.
Summary: "I will permit myself to say that, just like others were afraid in the past, we are afraid and worried about our existence today," the president of the Melkite-Greek Catholic League.
William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights, has come under scrutiny for earning an inflated salary even though he speaks for what is likely a very small constituency.
AT1ANTA * While two conservative Christian groups are pushing Cartoon Network's Adult Swim program block to cancel "Black Jesus," the new show has earned a qualified OK from the Catholic League.
NEW YORK -- The Catholic League will be allowed to march with an anti-gay-marriage banner in New York City's annual gay-pride parade, organizers said on the heels of a St.
The Catholic League - one of the most prominent religious organisations in America - has slammed Loaded after its front cover this month that apparently spoofs the recent retirement of Pope Benedict XVI.
William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has written an article in Spero News, 18 January 2013, recalling some events leading up to the infamous decision.
Arriving at the Airport have also been "Change and Reform" Head Michel Aoun, US Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Conelly, Syrian Ambassador Ali Abdel karim Ali, Kuwaiti Ambassador Abdel Aal Ali, Vice Speaker Farid Mkari, Vice Prime Minister Samir Mekbel, Ministers Jibran Bassil, Fadi Abboud, Nicholas Nahhas, Gaby Layyoun and Panos Monjian, as well as Deputies Samer Saadeh, Selim Karam, Abdel Latif Zein, Atef Majdalani, Seymond Abi Ramia, Ibrahim Kenaan, Bahiyya Hariri and Nabil De Freij, in addition to Greek Catholic League Head Maroun Abu Rjeili and Civil Service Council Head Khaled Qabbani.
JON O'BRIEN'S ARTICLE regarding the Catholic League, Bill Donohue and his "tempest in a teapot" about the Empire State Building made a good point ("The Empire Strikes Back," Vol.
Bill Donahue, president of The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, rants: "She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances.
Urged on by Catholic League watchdog William Donohue, Cantor raised his voice in chorus with Speaker of the House John Boehner, chanting culture-war catchwords like "arrogance" and "decency" and spooking Smithsonian Secretary G.
The author's main argument is that the militancy of Catholic urban notables in this region was endemic and widespread long before the advent of the Catholic League in the 1580s, a conclusion the author claims overturns current views that tend to portray all pre-League Catholic activities as "parochial .

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