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Catholic League,

in French history: see Holy LeagueHoly League,
in Italian history, alliance formed (1510–11) by Pope Julius II during the Italian Wars for the purpose of expelling Louis XII of France from Italy, thereby consolidating papal power.
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Lauding the decision, Catholic League president Bill Donohue called the video a "vile display." However, hundreds of protestors supported the work and urged the gallery and the Smithsonian to reverse the decision.
The Catholic League denounced the attacks against journalists, calling on the public to "respect the right of journalists, whatever the institution to which they belong, to carry out their media duties
He has also lauded the writings on William Donohue of the far-right Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
However, Catholic League president, William Donohue, has revealed that the Catholic "leaders" in this group are in fact dissenters, none of whom agree with Church teaching on the three major public policy issues of abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and school vouchers.
--Bill Donohue, Catholic League president, on how media handle anti-Catholic opinion, after newspapers boycotted a cartoon critical of Islam (Catholic News Services, Aug.
American Catholic League leader Bill Donohue blasted "obsessed" Leno for releasing a barrage of anti-Catholic one-liners on his hugely popular late-night chat show.
The leader of America's Catholic League, Bill Donohue, branded it "one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever".
The network and its commercial sponsors were inundated with mail, telephone calls, and e-mail after the American Family Association, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Focus on the Family, and other Christian organizations alerted their members to the anti-Christian theme and blatant degeneracy of the program written by homosexual activist Jack Kenny.
In the midst of this emergency, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the nation's most prominent Catholic advocacy organization, alerted its 300,000 members to a grave threat to the faith: a King of the Hill episode in which cartoon housewife Peggy Hill impersonates a nun.
The emphasis, to be sure, is firmly on the sacred and the manner by which liturgical experiences gave rise to and fashioned the Catholic League. Still, we also learn a great deal about political power and the social order.
One of the least known and most dangerous of the far-right organizations is the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
"It's a more competitive balance based on a good formula that was created by the Catholic League. As someone in the meetings said, you'll walk off the bus knowing you have a chance to win most of your games."

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