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a member of a religious mission


Aubrey, Father
converts savages to Christianity. [Fr. Lit.: Atala]
Boniface, St.
missionary to the German infidels in 8th century. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 271]
Davidson, Rev. Alfred
attempts to convert Sadie Thompson to religion but ends up seducing her. [Br. Lit.: “Miss Thompson” in Benét, 675; Am. Cinema: “Rain” in Halliwell, 593]
Latour and Vaillant, Fathers
priests establish a diocese in New Mexico. [Am. Lit.: Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop in Magill I, 199]
Livingstone, David
(1813–1873) explorer and missionary in Africa. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1596]
Patrick, St.
(c. 385–461) early missionary to and patron saint of Ireland. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 138]
Salvation Army
international religious organization known for its charitable and missionary work. [Christian Rel.: NCE, 2408–2409]
Society of Jesus
Roman Catholic religious order distinguished in foreign missions. [Christian Hist.: NCE, 1412]
Xavier, St. Francis
indefatigable pioneer converter of East Indies. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 141–142]
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For myself, and in parallel to my own experience of researching Irish Catholic missionaries, they include the visual and sensual impact of the missions, the sheer exoticness of a different climate, topography, diet and language; the culture shock that became more pronounced returning to Ireland, as "home" changed places; the tension between becoming "as one" with the host population versus remaining "other" to it; the extent to which the missionary experience was never a one-way relationship but always an exchange between the missionary and the recipient, between the missionary endeavour and the host nation.
The impact of the Catholic missionaries on the lives of the mission girls of today, and their own families, cannot be underestimated.
They have been tagged as the group behind a spate of kidnappings in the southern Philippines, targeting Catholic missionaries and foreign nationals.
The following day, Mrs McAleese will fly to northern Kenya where Irish Catholic missionaries have played a critical role in providing social services and education.
When the Catholic missionaries came to California, the Tongva were given the name Gabrieleno, for the Mission San Gabriel, just as my father's people were given the name Barbareno for the Mission Santa Barbara, our original names subjugated, lost--Diegeno, Luiseno, Gabrieleno, Ventureno, Barbareno, Purismeno, Obisbeno.
Their 318-page report traces the roots of the genocide back to Rwanda's colonial rulers from Germany, and then Belgium, who, with Catholic missionaries, fostered the belief that the country's minority Tutsis were superior to its Hutu majority.
Watch, a newsletter that researches and reports on the School of the Americas and its graduates, grew out of hunger strikes outside the Fort Benning facility in September 1990, after it was discovered that five of the nine Salvadorans responsible for murdering a group of Catholic missionaries that year were S.
The legacy of charity and evangelization left by the early Catholic missionaries continues to bear fruit today in our own work for those in spiritual or temporal need.
Protestant and Catholic missionaries write an open letter to Ford about CIA intervention in Chile, calling it "immoral" and "naive.
Responding in large part to the doubts awakened by Illich's article, more than 500 missionaries had left the field by 1970, and numbers continued to drop through the 1970s, so that by 1979 there were only about 2,300 American Catholic missionaries left in Latin America.
Result: the abandonment of overseas Catholic missionaries and their charitable enterprises.
French troops seized the books in 1866 when they invaded Ganghwa island west of Seoul in retaliation for the Chosun dynasty s execution of French Catholic missionaries.

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