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It was established that cation exchange resins on speed of an exchange of ions Na+ [right arrow] Ca2+ do not concede a well-known polymerization sulfonic cation KU-2-8 and phosphate cation-exchange resin KF-1.
I presume that it uses an anion exchange resin (in the [OH.sup.-] form) as well as a cation exchange resin (in the [H.sup.+] form).
After affinity chromatography, the nonbound and bound effluents were collected, concentrated (10 000 [M.sub.r] cutoff; Amicon), and chromatographed on Bio-Rex 70 cation exchange resin. The species not binding to affinity that cochromatographed with Hb[A.sub.0] and Hb[A.sub.1c] on cation exchange were collected and labeled Hb[A.sub.0] and Hb[A.sub.1c]*, respectively (Fig.
The treatment column effluents from the GAC post-adsorber and the cation exchange resin were each passed through their respective copper pipe test loops on a continuous basis for 40 days.
The present investigation describes thermodynamic and kinetic parameters for the removal of chromium (III) from tannery wastes by using strong acid cation exchange resin Amberlite IR-120 H+ and its hybrids with Mn(OH)2 Cu(OH)2 and Fe(OH)3.
For the separation and purification of three kinds of bioactive compounds, different resins were used, which may led to the loss of raw materials in the purification process; while for theanine, although 732 cation exchange resin had separation effect, it had many disadvantages such as pH value should be adjusted with phosphate buffer for adsorption, and ammonia water was used for desorption, which not only increase operation steps, but also lead to impurities.