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Micronization or ultrafine grinding is a physical process that reduces the size of dietary fiber particles for a given micro scale (size from 1 nm to 100 pm) (ZHANG et al., 2016), improving some of its physicochemical properties, such as water-holding and oil-binding capacity; solubility; ability of "cation-exchange" and adsorption of glucose; and the inhibitory activity of pancreatic lipase and a-amylase (CHAU et al., 2007; DAOU & ZHANG, 2012).
Research of kinetic properties of cation-exchange resin
Capillary isoelectric focusing and high-performance cation-exchange chromatography compared for qualitative and quantitative analysis of hemoglobin variants.
In cellulose acetate electrophoresis and anion-exchange HPLC, the calculated pI change predicted correctly a mobility difference in approximately 85% and 90% of all variants, respectively, and in cation-exchange HPLC and IEF, the calculated pI difference gave a correct prediction in 70% and 63% of the variants, respectively.
Sharma, "Acetalization of Ethylene Glycol with Formaldehyde using Cation-Exchange Resins as Catalysts: Batch Versus Reactive Distillation," React.
The synthetic sodium fluorohectorite Somasif ME-100, prepared by heating talcum in the presence of [Na.sub.2][SiF.sub.6] for several hours in an electric furnace at high temperature, exhibits a cation-exchange capacity of 100 meq/100g.
Group 1 was applied to a cation-exchange column, and the column was eluted with a 70-min linear gradient of 0-0.7 M NaCl in 10 mM phosphate buffer at pH 7.1.
The line comprises two high-capacity anion-exchange columns--the AS11-HC-4[micro]m column and the AS18-4[micro]m column--and one high-capacity cation-exchange column--the CS19-4[micro]m.
Barticevic E, Gonzalez S, Aomine S (1975) Cation-exchange capacity of the sand fraction of some Chilean soils.
The minor Hb species, designated [HbA.sub.1a] through [HbA.sub.1e] according to their elution order in cation-exchange HPLC (2).
Dielectric permittivity and conductance of systems of the type: electrolyte-membrane-electrolyte for several cation-exchange and anion-exchange membranes in the frequency range 1-80 MHz were reported by Spiegler (4).