Marcus Porcius Cato

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Cato, Marcus Porcius

(234–149 B.C.) Roman statesman known for conservatism; taxed luxuries. [Rom. Hist.: EB, II: 645]
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Racial, religious or cultural prejudices, gender and other social hierarchies, territorial expansionism, and an idealization of cultivation all characterize the thinking of Cato the Censor, like that of more recent perpetrators.
64) In his initial works, Livy praised Cato the Censor 'far above' his peers for his 'force of character' and 'versatile genius'.
Carthage must be destroyed," declared Marcus Cato the Censor at the end of every Senate speech, on whatever topic, over a period of decades.
The Roman Philosophers: From the Time of Cato the Censor to the Death of Marcus Aurelius.