Cattle Mutilations

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Cattle Mutilations

Extraterrestrials are mutilating cattle and removing their tongues and sex organs in order to obtain enzymes to enable them to survive on Earth.

According to many forensic pathologists who have examined mutilated cattle with their tongues, eyes, ears, anuses, udders, and genitalia removed without shedding a drop of blood, traditional surgical instruments had not been used. The incisions appeared to have been the result of an advanced laser technology.

A number of veterinarians and forensic scientists who have investigated the mysterious mutilations have described the blood as appearing to have been drained with no resultant vascular collapse. The known technology that could process such an accomplishment does not exist on Earth, and even if it did, it would require large, heavy equipment to manipulate animals often weighing well over 1,500 pounds.

According to most accounts of cattle mutilation, tracks or markings of a conventional nature, such as tire imprints or human or animal tracks, have never been found near a carcass; however, many farmers and ranchers have reported the indentations of a tripod nearby. And there have been numerous reports of UFOs or unmarked black helicopters in the immediate vicinity prior to the incident.

It seems that this same type of animal mutilation occurs worldwide, with the same kinds of animals selected as the victims. Reports from Argentina in July 2002 stated that beginning with the first detected mutilation in April, over two hundred cattle had been found with their blood drained and their tongues, organs, flesh, and skin removed by angular, neatly curved, cuts. Argentine ranchers often named crews from UFOs as the most likely mutilators of their cattle herds.

In the opinion of many skeptical veterinarians, livestock association officials, forensic pathologists, chemists, and a host of county, state, and federal officers and agents, such alleged mutilations are simply the result of Mother Nature fulfilling one of her primary responsibilities, that of keeping the countryside clean. The true perpetrators of the mutilations, according to these investigators, are predators and scavengers.

UFO researchers reject the possibility that predators or scavengers could so neatly incise and remove select organs from their victims. And the obvious problem with blaming predators and scavengers is the fact that all the rest of the animal remains intact.

The most prominent researcher of animal mutilations is Linda Moulton Howe, author of Glimpses of Other Realities (1998). Howe has documented hundreds of abnormal, inexplicable deaths of animals, mostly cattle and horses on the open range—all of which exhibited bloodless excisions of eyes, organs, and genitals.

When she began her intensive research in the fall of 1979, Howe suspected that there was some sort of contamination in the environment, and that some government agency was secretly harvesting tissue and fluids for examination. But she could not fathom why any government agency working in secrecy would be so careless as to leave the carcasses of the cattle lying in the fields or ranges, thereby creating alarm and anger among the owners of the animals. Howe’s early interviews were with ranchers and law enforcement officers, who reluctantly informed her of sightings of glowing disks in the vicinity of the mutilations. Some witnesses even told her of having seen nonhuman entities at the scene. Her continuing research has convinced her that something very strange is going on, which may, indeed, involve alien experimentation with Earth’s animals.

About 1954, some UFO/conspiracy theorists assert, a shadow group within the U.S. government made a deal with extraterrestrial intelligences that permitted mutilation of animals and abductions of humans in exchange for advanced alien technology. Regarding the cattle mutilations, the aliens explained that their own evolutionary ascent had left their digestive systems severely dysfunctional. The extraterrestrials would best be able to sustain themselves on Earth by ingesting an enzyme, or hormonal secretion, most readily obtained from the tongues and throats of cattle.

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