Caucasian Brown Cattle

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Caucasian Brown Cattle


a breed of dairy-and-meat cattle. The breed was developed by crossing the local Caucasian cattle with the Brown Swiss breed; it was approved in 1960. Compared to Caucasian cattle, the animals of the new breed have an improved constitution and productive qualities, retaining good adaptability to local conditions. The skeleton is slight but stronger than than of Caucasian cattle. The coat is reddish brown. Cows weigh 400–4–50 kg, with a 600 kg maximum; bulls weigh 800–900 kg, The yields are 2, 000–2, 500 kg of milk per lactation and 3, 500–4, 000 kg on cattle breeding farms. The milk has a butterfat content of 3.8–3.9 percent. The dressed weight is 50–55 percent. The animals are being bred to improve their body form and productivity. They are raised in the Armenian SSR, the Georgian SSR, the Azerbaijan SSR, and the Dagestan ASSR.


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