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one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary.
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Lichen Planus: Oral lesions are said to be uncommon in the black skin, but frequent in the Caucasoid people, while hypertrophic lichen planus, lichen planus pigmentosus, actinic variants and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation is a characteristic outcome of lichen planus in African Americans or dark skin individuals.
As Edith Sanders states: "The late 19th century provided two new ideologies which utilised and expanded the concept of the Caucasoid Hamite: colonialism and modern racism.
On the other hand, Zoubov (16) proposed a dental delimitation of global populations into two complexes: the Eastern Dental Complex, the equivalent of the Mongoloid Dental Complex proposed by Hanihara; and the Western Dental Complex, consisting of Northern Caucasoid and Negroid populations (Southern Caucasoid populations) characterized by the high frequency of the Carabelli cusp (cusp forms), of the cusp pattern X, the groove pattern + and the cusp 7 more prevalent in Negroid populations.
Nevertheless, this diversity makes it difficult to perform not only demographic classifications (such as geographical region and territory, common biological background, language and cultural traditions, conscience of ethnical adscription, and self-recognizing) and socioeconomic projections, but also forensic procedures that include the four basic identification traits and general osteobiography (sex, age, racial pattern, and height) and identification of microevolutive development of Colombian population, which includes Caucasoid mestizos, indigenous peoples, afro-descendant populations, and the rom people or gypsies, based on land settlement processes, migrations, contacts, isolations, and crossbreeding.
On the basis of the analysis of the results we have made the following conclusion: a centuries-old layering of the Mongoloid component on the Old Kazakhstanian anthropological layer of Proto-European race took place on the territory of Kazakhstan; anthropological type of the Kazakhs taking into account the main differentiating features of Caucasoid and Mongoloid race occupies an intermediate position and refers to a mixed South Siberian race.
208G>A, beta 69 (E13)Gly>Ser) seems to be a rare P globin variant, which was found initially in Caucasoid families (1, 2); later in a Turkish one (3); in an Italian family from Naples (4); in a Nigerian newborn and his mother in Madrid, Spain (5, 6) and in 2 out of 2105 hemoglobin samples collected along 5 years in Switzerland (7).
The narrative tinder of decades suddenly exploded in flames, and from the fire, like a phoenix, arose a new and wild story: A Caucasoid man, who was among the First Americans, was murdered by genocidal newcomers, Mongoloid invaders coming across Berengia after the last ice age.
4 (1987) ("There is a common popular understanding that there are three major human races -- Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid.
177) "Gene differences between Caucasian, Negro, and Japanese Populations" both authors argue that the genetic differences between the three groups are insignificant and that the so-called Negroids are not "quite different" from Caucasoids and Mongoloids.
Caucasoid populations in North America, Europe, and Australasia typically average IQs from 85 to, 115 with an overall mean of 100.
Human beings in general belong to three races, the Congoids, Caucasoids and the Mongoloids.
They recognise no inescapable fundamental differences among members of even the three main branches of that race: the Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Afrinoids.