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Greece: see GávdhosGávdhos
, Clauda
, or Cauda
, small Mediterranean island, S Greece, near Crete. In the Acts of the Apostles it was the refuge of St. Paul's ship during the tempest.
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A case of intra-root cauda equina cavernous angioma: clinical considerations.
Esse destilado recuperado da primeira destilacao seguiu para a segunda destilacao, onde houve a separacao das fracoes, seguindo a proporcao porcentual 10-80-10, referente aos volumes das fracoes "cabeca", "coracao" e "cauda" desse segundo destilado.
La cauda es corta, peor definida posteriormente y esta algo desplazada hacia el dorso respecto el ostio.
Abbreviations: 1, otolith length; h, otolith height; t, otolith thickness; ol, ostium length; oh, ostium height; cl, caudal length; x, horizontal portion of cauda; ,y, down turned portion of cauda; x:y, caudal curvature index (cci); l:z, curvature index of the inner face (cii).
paniculata 50:50 CH[Cl.sub.3]:C[H.sub.3]OH fraction Treatment Sperm Sperm density Ferti- Testos- Motility (million/ml) lity terone (%) (%) (ng/dl) Cauda Testes Cauda epididy- epididy- mis mis Group-I 7.65 4.67 45.97 100 4.25 control [+ or -] [+ or -] [+ or -] (+ve) [+ or -] (Vehicle 0.35 0.18 1.19 0.09 treated) Group-II 10.61 ** 0.45 ** 4.06 ** 100 0.85 ** M.
Cauda equina syndrome can be caused by massive disk herniation and compression of nerves.
Sialic acid contents of the testes, cauda epididymides, seminal vesicle and ventral prostate were depleted (Table 3).
He said his 30-year-old partner of four years had been struggling with her mental health since being diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome - a rare disorder affecting the bundle of nerve roots in the spine which suddenly become severely compressed.
Antennae, rostrum and each segment of legs brown, cauda and anal plate light brown.