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Use of a device or chemical agent to coagulate or destroy tissue.



a medical treatment utilizing thermal, chemical, electric, or radiation burns. Cauterization is used to destroy such conditions as small skin tumors, warts, excessive granulations, and tattoos. It can be performed by diathermal coagulation, galvanocautery, chemical substances, or laser radiation. In surgical practice it is used to separate tissue and to stop bleeding (electric scalpel, laser beam). In the treatment of some inflammatory diseases, cauterizing agents in the form of a mustard plaster or ultraviolet radiation (quartz) serve a revulsive and reflex-therapeutic function.


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But Hemingway also felt this cauterization as a devastating loss to the capacity for creative living and self-making.
The final step, performed at this time, one must remember, with no anesthetic but a little opium or alcohol, was cauterization, either through the application of nitrate of silver, or in cases of more severe infection, through the use of much stronger hydrate of potassa, or even the "actual cautery.
Although the content is repetitive (I temporarily lost interest), Meadow and Weiss make a convincing case for this relationship using examples such as stomach stapling and cauterization, jaw wiring and chastity belts, and anorexia and lack of sexual desire, to make the point.
Excessive cauterization or blind placement of hemostatic clamps in an attempt to control the bleeding has also contributed to a large number of iatrogenic injuries.
A simple examination found I had a knot of congested blood vessels, which needed cauterization.
Electrosurgery is a relatively new surgical procedure that uses a high frequency current to actually do the cutting and cauterization in one step - versus the precious method of using a very sharp surgical blade that would require a follow-up process to stop the flow of blood.
Paparazzi may not wound themselves, but they are artists of cauterization.
Scornful of Indian doctoring skill, he goes on to describe such scientific native practices as medicinal bleeding and cauterization, all the while comparing them unfavorably to what he considered superior Spanish methods.
The most common surgical procedures in the HMO population were applying minor casts and splints, minor suturing, excision and drainage of cysts, and minor gynecological surgery such as cauterization of the cervix.
In addition to better diagnosis of disorders of the GI tract, therapy is also possible, using cauterization, to treat bleeding lesions, as well as treatment to remove polyps via endoscopes.
Several variations on the endoscopic approach are likely being used, including endoscopic resection of the ureteric orifice, cauterization of orifice followed by excision with a Collings knife, and laparoscopic ligation of the orifice with an Endoloop followed by Collings knife excision.
With the uterus on significant tension, initial cauterization with the bipolar forceps is performed before ligating the vessels with the harmonic scalpel.