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river, India: see KaveriKaveri
or Cauvery
, river, c.475 mi (760 km) long, rising in the Western Ghats, Karnataka state, and flowing SE across a plateau, through Tamil Nadu state, to the Bay of Bengal, S India; the Bhavani and Noyil are its main tributaries.
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a river in southern India. The Cauvery is approximately 800 km long, with a basin area of approximately 80, 000 sq km. It originates on the slopes of the Western Ghats, crossing the southern part of the Deccan plateau, where in places it flows in narrow rocky gorges with waterfalls up to 91 m high. At the point of its influx into the Bay of Bengal it forms a delta with an area of approximately 10, 000 sq km. The Cauvery is fed by rain. Monsoon conditions prevail, with two flood times—in summer, from the southwestern monsoon, and in winter (in the lower course), from the northeastern monsoon. The water discharge in an average flow at Mettur fluctuates between 300 and 12, 800 cubic meters per second. At the waterfalls there are a number of hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of more than 800, 000 kilowatts. Two large reservoirs are located on the river, and more than 1 million hectares are irrigated with water from the Cauvery River. The river is navigable at the mouth and in small sections in an average current.

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We are releasing 192 tmc ft of water to Tamil Nadu every year in accordance with the order issued by the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal," Siddaramaiah said.
I also stressed the need to form the Cauvery Management Board without further delay and after the board is formed that Board has to constitute Cauvery water regulation Committee and it is only after that the final order of the Cauvery Water Disputes tribunal can be implemented the prime minister to do the needful and expeditiously," she added.
Another popular activity is the Coracles ride across the Cauvery where guests are taken in a local circular fishing boat.
A spokeswoman added: "We can confirm the death of a British national while on an excursion on the Cauvery River near Bangalore, India.
A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm the death of a British national while on an excursion on the Cauvery River near Bangalore, India.
The Cauvery river is said to be infested with crocodiles, leading to speculation that the men could have been attacked as they travelled down it.
The 497-mile Cauvery River runs across three of the southern Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, where Ian, from York, worked for US car parts maker Tenneco Automotive.
Set to accomplish their mission in 48 hours, the diplomats will set off on their trail from the Cauvery Sangama, the confluence of river Cauvery near Srirangapatna town, pass through several rugged and beautiful villages and finish at Bidadi, a town situated on the Bangalore-Mysore expressway.
The company has signed a Gas Sales Contract with Hindustan Oil Explor-ation Company (HOEC) to source 51,000-million British thermal units (mmBtu) of gas from the latter's Cauvery basin field.
The trouble concerns a project to supply drinking water from the Cauvery River, which runs through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states.
Kumbakonam is a temple town on the banks of Cauvery River in a fertile delta rice farming area of Tamil Nadu.
The highest rated is Goggles, once an inmate of the Henry Candy yard, while the others are Sunseen, formerly with William Muir when known as Noon Gun; Royal Majesty, known as Cauvery when with Sean Woods; Snowstorm, bought out of Michael Bell's stable; and former James Fanshawe inmate Ecclesiastical, now known as Olympic Express.