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Kaveri or Cauvery (both: kôˈvərē), river, c.475 mi (760 km) long, rising in the Western Ghats, Karnataka state, and flowing SE across a plateau, through Tamil Nadu state, to the Bay of Bengal, S India; the Bhavani and Noyil are its main tributaries. In Karnataka the river is divided by Sivasamudram island and drops 320 ft (98 m), forming Kaveri Falls. On the left falls is India's first hydroelectric plant (built 1902). At its mouth is a great, fertile delta that is irrigated by an extensive canal system, one of the oldest in India; the Grand Anicut dam and canal were built in the 11th cent. by the Chola kings. The Kaveri, India's second most sacred river, is sometimes called the Ganges of the South. According to Hindu legend, Vishnumaya, daughter of the god Brahma, was born on earth as the child of a mortal, Kavera Muni. In order to bring beatitude for Kavera Muni, she became a river whose water would purify all sins.
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a river in southern India. The Cauvery is approximately 800 km long, with a basin area of approximately 80, 000 sq km. It originates on the slopes of the Western Ghats, crossing the southern part of the Deccan plateau, where in places it flows in narrow rocky gorges with waterfalls up to 91 m high. At the point of its influx into the Bay of Bengal it forms a delta with an area of approximately 10, 000 sq km. The Cauvery is fed by rain. Monsoon conditions prevail, with two flood times—in summer, from the southwestern monsoon, and in winter (in the lower course), from the northeastern monsoon. The water discharge in an average flow at Mettur fluctuates between 300 and 12, 800 cubic meters per second. At the waterfalls there are a number of hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of more than 800, 000 kilowatts. Two large reservoirs are located on the river, and more than 1 million hectares are irrigated with water from the Cauvery River. The river is navigable at the mouth and in small sections in an average current.

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This is to facilitate on-ground, concerted action in Cauvery basin for the revitalisation of Cauvery River thereby transforming lives of 84 million people.
A national film body has urged the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC) to expedite the release of superstar Rajinikanth's upcoming movie Kaala in Karnataka, following a ban imposed on its screening in the state, over the actor's alleged comments on the Cauvery river row.
The Cauvery rises in Karnataka and flows through Tamil Nadu, ultimately, emptying into the Bay of Bengal.
A delegation of People's Welfare Front (PWF) leaders, headed by CPI national secretary and Rajya Sabha MP D Raja and Vaiko on October 22 met President Pranab Mukherjee and sought his intervention in the setting up of Cauvery Management Board, a demand Karnataka is opposed to.
The open conflict on Cauvery began during British rule itself and the present agitation has the basis on the agreement signed between the erstwhile Madras Presidency and the Princely State of Mysore in 1924 with fifty year validity.
Consequently, farmers in the Cauvery basin had urged the government to release water to save their standing crops.
Bengaluru: Curfew was lifted in all 16 police station limits here on Wednesday as the city bounced back to normal after widespread violence over the Cauvery water sharing row with neighbouring Tamil Nadu.
"The entire state is waiting with bated breath to get immediate relief as otherwise it will spell disaster for the population in the Cauvery basin," read Krishna's letter to the PM.
A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm the death of a British national while on an excursion on the Cauvery River near Bangalore, India.
Ian Turton, from York, and Michael Easton, from Holland Park, west London, went missing during an excursion on the Cauvery River near Bangalore, India.
Ian Turton was with another Briton, Michael Easton, when they were attacked on the croc-infested Cauvery River, near Bangalore.
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