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The local term, in the vicinity of Montpelier, France, for the days near the end of March or the beginning of April when the mistral is usually strongest.



during the English Revolution of the 17th cen-tury, a derisive name given by supporters of the Parliament totheir opponents, the Royalists; it came to be used in late 1641.The name emphasized the gentry nature of the royal army, inwhich the cavalry had primary significance.

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the developer of the official Cleveland Cavaliers app, uses Gimbal proximity beacons with Apple's iBeacon technology to push highly relevant notifications to Cavs fans via their mobile devices.
The Cavaliers showing from behind the arc set a new team record.
The Cavaliers of this time came with the choice of 1.
Cavaliers coach Teresa Frias didn't know if her celebratory dip in the pool was premature.
com and Broadcast throughout the NBA Season on the Cavaliers Radio Network
The Cleveland Cavaliers are not just getting luck into convincing potential hires to turn around the team.
In fact, the Lakers lost Sunday to the Cleveland Cavaliers simply because they always seem to be in these games.
Toyota and GM anticipate sales through the Toyota Channel Dealer network in Japan to average 20,000 Cavaliers annually.
This endorsement is a natural extension of our investment in the sport of basketball, which started with our presenting sponsorship of the Cleveland Cavaliers and now has evolved into a relationship with the world's most exciting player," said Matt Rechin, vice president of brand management for MTD, the makers of Cub Cadet.
The entire Cleveland Cavaliers squad will need to step up if they still want a postseason slot after learning their franchise player will be missing the next two weeks, and even, the entire season if the injury does not heal in time.
You had Bryant once again unable to emerge from a game against the Cavaliers unscathed, and somehow it didn't matter as Bryant made every big shot down the stretch as the Lakers beat Cleveland 99-98 Thursday night.
All 1995 Cavaliers, Perkins noted, will come standard with dual air bags, anti-lock brakes, power steering, dual outside breakaway mirrors and adjustable height, 3-point safety belts (sedans).