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The SAM Cave deposits have both 4- and 5-triangle morphotypes present, but there are inconsistencies between the stratigraphic distributions plotted on table 2 of Rogers et al.
Species similar to those recovered from the Annandale cave deposit were found at an undated predator deposit about 5 km from our study site.
They are common in the eastern United States, especially in cave deposits.
The new Casua'rius eggshell dates, together with the paired and associated A/I ratios, provide a greatly improved chronology for the Toe Cave deposit.
All prior records are from either the west or east of the modern distribution, with most extralimital records coming from cave deposits in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico (Fig.
He briefly mentions Rohan Bilney's fascinating work on sub-fossil cave deposits, indicating a massive recent decline in terrestrial prey for forest owls, but then claims that diurnal raptors have had even more of a prey shift because they now take a much higher proportion of introduced species.
An international project, including Durham University, has created a precisely-dated record of rainfall from cave deposits in the Classic Maya region, and compared it to a "war index" of hostile events recorded on stone monuments.
Then, around 7,000-5,000 years ago as the region became more arid, the people adopted a more nomadic, pastoral way of life, as the presence of cattle bones in cave deposits and river camps suggests.
The fossil remains of the two hominids were found about a half-rneter apart, embedded in cave deposits at the Malapa excavation site located about 170 miles northeast of Johannesburg and about nine miles northeast of the Sterkfontein World Heritage Site, also called the Cradle of Humankind.
They also examined scientific and historical references to handfishes and their classification, and discovered similarities between a handfish from the Great Australian Bight and a 50-million-year-old fossil at the Pesciara Cave deposits at Monte Bolca in Northern Italy.
There is a rich record of paleoclimatic variability and an array of techniques for evaluating climate history, including the study of landscapes, sedimentary rocks, soils and paleosols, palynology, cave deposits, marine sediment cores, ice cores, and other records.