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1. Arthur. 1821--93, British mathematician, who invented matrices
2. Sir George. 1773--1857, British engineer and pioneer of aerial navigation. He constructed the first man-carrying glider (1853) and invented the caterpillar tractor


(symbolic mathematics, tool)
A symbolic mathematics system for group theory written by John Cannon of the University of Sydney, Australia in 1976.

Cayley was used at about 100 sites but has been superseded by a much more general system, Magma.

["An Introduction to the Group Theory Language CAYLEY", J. Cannon, Computational Group Theory, M.D. Atkinson ed, Academic Press 1984, pp. 148-183].

Latest version: V3.7, for Sun, Apollo, VAX/VMS.
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Henson and Sir George Cayley - had much weakened the public interest in the subject of aerial navigation.
Director Andrew Cayley said a decision not to prosecute was reversed following a review.
Phase two will stretch westwards from the Pier to the Cayley embankment.
The VVP Phase 2 works will realise improvements along a 1 km section of promenade, from the Pier to Cayley Bank, Rhos on Sea, to the same standard of finish as achieved for Phase 1 of the scheme (Porth Eirias to the Pier including improved linkage to the town).
Sadly passed away on 18th November 2014, aged 54 years, Jacqueline (Jackie, nee Downs), beloved wife of George, darling mam of Mitchell and Cayley, devoted nana and much loved daughter and sister to all her family.
In a previous statement Adam Cayley, Regional Director at Monitor, said of the concerns at HEFT: "The regulator has decided that the range and seriousness of these issues demonstrate a clear failure in leadership and the trust's organisational systems.
be basis elements of a 8-dimensional algebra Cayley (the octavians algebra) [1,2].
That both poets cherished this tie is clear; Cayley continued to visit the Rossetti household frequently until his death, and his will appointed Christina his literary executor and bequeathed to her any posthumous profits from his writings.
Kiley Wong-Li led the way for Charlton with a double, triple and four RBIs, and Cayley Fagan (two hits) and Parker Filo-Loos each added two RBIs.
The Director of Service Prosecutions Andrew Cayley QC - who is responsible for prosecutions of service personnel - said the UK would co-operate fully with the preliminary examination by the prosecutor.
Glen Cayley, vice president of Upstream Shell UK and Ireland, said: "We are talking to staff about the proposal to sell the assets in order to be as open as possible, whilst confirming our commitment to the North Sea.
Glen Cayley, vice president of Upstream Shell UK and Ireland, said: "The UK is an important business region for Shell, and our investment strategy continues to focus on assets where we see an opportunity for growth using our world-class technological know-how.