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1. Arthur. 1821--93, British mathematician, who invented matrices
2. Sir George. 1773--1857, British engineer and pioneer of aerial navigation. He constructed the first man-carrying glider (1853) and invented the caterpillar tractor
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(symbolic mathematics, tool)
A symbolic mathematics system for group theory written by John Cannon of the University of Sydney, Australia in 1976.

Cayley was used at about 100 sites but has been superseded by a much more general system, Magma.

["An Introduction to the Group Theory Language CAYLEY", J. Cannon, Computational Group Theory, M.D. Atkinson ed, Academic Press 1984, pp. 148-183].

Latest version: V3.7, for Sun, Apollo, VAX/VMS.
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Cayley has always lived at that address and never moved, in the hope that one day Nicholas would come looking.
Thirty years ago Cayley, now 52, was shocked to discover she had such a close relative that she never knew about.
Mr Cayley's presentation 'Prosecuting Genocide: The Crime of Crimes' dealt with his experiences of investigating and prosecuting genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sudan and Cambodia.
The Cayley tree is a kind of dendrimers, also called Bethe lattice.
Try this fishtail dress, PS25, Pretty Little Thing, and Linea Cayley cross-strap courts, were PS53, now PS48, House of Fraser
The project incorporates the development of three fields - Godwin, Cayley and Shaw.
Note that if [1.sub.G] is the identity element of G, then [GAMMA] (G, [1.sub.G], S) = [GAMMA] (G, S) is the Cayley graph on G generated by S.
The force confirmed they were investigating after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted at Cayley Promenade between 2.15am and 3.50am.
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None of the vessel's crew - including its highly decorated commanding officer, Commander Richard Cayley - were ever found.
In this paper, we compute formulas of General Randic index (Ra(G) ) for different values of a, First Zagreb index, atom-bond connectivity (ABC) index, GA index, ABC4 index, GA5 index for Cayley graph Cay(Zn Zm) for ngreater than =3 and mgreater than =2, and generalized antiprism graph for ngreater than =3 and mgreater than =1.