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1. Arthur. 1821--93, British mathematician, who invented matrices
2. Sir George. 1773--1857, British engineer and pioneer of aerial navigation. He constructed the first man-carrying glider (1853) and invented the caterpillar tractor


(symbolic mathematics, tool)
A symbolic mathematics system for group theory written by John Cannon of the University of Sydney, Australia in 1976.

Cayley was used at about 100 sites but has been superseded by a much more general system, Magma.

["An Introduction to the Group Theory Language CAYLEY", J. Cannon, Computational Group Theory, M.D. Atkinson ed, Academic Press 1984, pp. 148-183].

Latest version: V3.7, for Sun, Apollo, VAX/VMS.
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The Cayley graph Cay(G,S) of G relative to S is defined as the graph with vertex set G and edge set E(S) consisting of those ordered pairs (x,y) such that sx = y for some s S.
The central object for the proposed research is sequences of sparse graphs (either coming from some random graph model or from Cayley graphs) and their Benjamini-Schramm limits.
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