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see Iroquois ConfederacyIroquois Confederacy
or Iroquois League
, North American confederation of indigenous peoples, initially comprising the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca.
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70) In this geopolity, the representation of chiefs was distributed with the Mohawks and Oneidas holding nine seats each, the Cayugas with ten, the Onondagas, at the center, with fourteen, and, although the most populous nation, the Senecas having only eight.
72) In a devastating "scorched earth" campaign, Sullivan's expedition severely punished the league's neutral nations of Senecas, Cayugas, Tuteloes, and Nanticokes.
In two detachments, one of six hundred men commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Butler, and a second of two hundred men commanded by Colonel Henry Dearborn, they started out on September 20 to punish the Cayugas and associated nations.
76) In this campaign against the Cayugas, Tuteloes, and Nanticokes, General Sullivan reports:
81) In February 1780, now as enemies of the Americans, members of the Tutelo nation joined Hojiagede, or Fish Carrier, of the Cayugas to strike back.
In addition to Fish Carrier's eighty-eight Cayugas and Tederighroonoes (Tuteloes), it included Mohawks, Onondagas, Senecas, Delawares, and warriors from the villages of Onoquaga and Owego.
Amid the Sullivan Campaign, the Tuteloes, together with some Cayugas and the Nanticokes, were forced back to Niagara into British protection.
As a result the Great League was scattered about with the Mohawks permanently moving as a nation to Canada, as well as segments of the Cayugas and Onondagas following them shortly thereafter.
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