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/ku'dr/ or /kuh'dr/ The LISP operation that returns the right-hand node of a binary tree structure. In the typical case where the tree is used to store a list, the cdr is the tail of the list, i.e. all but the first element.

The instruction format of the IBM 7090 that hosted the original LISP implementation featured two 15-bit fields called the "address" and "decrement" parts. The term "cdr" was originally "Contents of Decrement part of Register". Similarly, "car" stood for "Contents of Address part of Register".
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(1) (Call Detail Reporting) See call accounting.

(2) (Common Data Rate) The standard 13.5 MHz sampling rate for 480i and 576i digital video systems. See ITU-R BT.601 and CIF.

(3) (Compact Disc-Recordable) A type of CD disc that can be recorded, but not erased. Introduced in 1988, a CD-R is used to back up and transfer data as well as master CD-ROMs. The discs can be written ("burned") and read by most CD/DVD drives. The phrase "burn a CD" really means "burn a CD-R."

The most common CD-R formats hold 650MB (74 minutes) of data or 700MB (80 min.). Also available are 550MB (63 min.), 790MB (90 min.) and 870MB (99 min.), the latter two being non-standard. The higher capacities are achieved by reducing the distance between tracks (track pitch). To record a full 650MB disc takes only a couple minutes using 40x recorders. For speed ratings of drives, see CD-ROM drives.

Change the Reflectivity
The binary 0s and 1s in CDs and CD-ROMs are actual pits (or lack thereof called "lands") stamped into the media. CD-Rs create the equivalent of pits and lands by altering the reflectivity of a dye layer. Different dyes are used, including cyanine (green), pthalo-cyanine (yellow-gold) and metal-azo (blue). See CD-RW, multisession, disc-at-once, track-at-once, CD UDF and optical disc.

CD-R Layers
Fresh out of the box, a CD-R disc is entirely reflective, because the dye layer is transparent. In order to create the equivalent of a CD or CD-ROM pit, the laser deforms the dye, making it darker and less reflective. In contrast, CD and CD-ROM pits are molded into the plastic and covered by an aluminum reflective coating (for more details, see CD-ROM).

A Partially Burned Disc
Recording starts at the center and spirals outward. To tell if a CD-R was burned, look for the slight change in reflectivity on the recording side. In this example, only 6% of the disc has been written, and the arrows point to the end of the recorded area (look carefully).

Burning a CD-R
To "burn" a CD-R, the files are dragged and dropped into a recording window as in this Easy CD Creator example. Most software supports audio and data CDs and may also print the cover and inside jacket of the jewel case.
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He further said that CDR reports of two mobile phones, which were under the use of the then SSP Malir on the day of the incident, showed his presence on the crime scene.
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Cpt Sean Moore, defending, said: "At the end of a long, dem-anding period of training, the finish line in sight, Cdr Codd took his eye off the ball." He must forfeit a year's seniority.
According to current evidence, it is clear that the association between induced CDR and factors controlling energy balance is extremely complex.
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Despite this, the principle of using CDR array is utilized in this work to enhance the MA materials performance.
With the evolution of a CDR, each release of a product results in advances to the science that are usually described in a peer-reviewed journal article.
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Cdr West, who took charge of the frigate in May 2012, was accused of having an affair with her third in command, Lieutenant Commander Richard Grey, 35, in July.