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Nicolae . 1918--89, Romanian statesman; chairman of the state council (1967--89) and president of Romania (1974--89): deposed and executed
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Hundreds of thousands had been bussed in to stand in front of the Communist Party building to give the conducator ('leader') Nicolae Ceausescu the chance to show that he was still in charge.
Somehow, I always think of Ceausescu when I read about Cardiff council's plans to sweep away everything that doesn't suit their plans for a brave new city centre.
For 125 years the cathedral has stood up against the earthquakes, World War II bombing of the city, and Ceausescu's bulldozers.
Romanian orphanages first came to world attention after Ceausescu's downfall in1989.
Ceausescu urged Arafat to use tactics similar to those he utilized to convince the gullible West that the dictator was "independent" with a "moderate" streak.
The Cernavoda project, works for which started in the 1980s under Nicolae Ceausescu's Communist regime, includes the construction of five CANDU reactors in total.
Israeli-Romanian relations at the end of the Ceausescu Era is a first-hand documentary source for all those interested in the recent history of Romania's relations with Israel, the USA, Russia and Hungary.
21-22 December, Bucharest: Mass rally called by Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu turns against him.
An ardent Christian faith has been a reassuring constant to most Transylvanians during the many hardships of the 20th century, especially since World War II, when Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu vigorously suppressed religious expression.
It expired shortly after the execution of the country's last dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, on December 25, 1989.