Cedar Forests

Cedar Forests


forests with various species of cedar (Cedrus). They have been preserved primarily in the form of relict and, as a rule, separate stands. Forests of Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica), found in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, are mixed with holm oak, juniper, holly, and other trees. In Asia Minor and Cyprus, the cedar of Lebanon (C. libani) forms both pure stands and stands mixed with fir and juniper. The deodar (C. deodara), found in Central Asia, on the mountains of Baluchistan and Afghanistan, and on the Western Himalayas, grows in pure stands or is mixed with spruce and fir.

Although cedar wood is of high quality, the national economic significance of cedar forests is small. The wood, which is yellowish or brown, resists damage from insects and fungi.


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Dunning raised his hand, motioning him back with a gesture of warning; then, lowering the arm, he pointed to the place where the road lost itself in the blackness of the cedar forest.
Examination disclosed abundant evidence that within a half-hour the cedar forest had been occupied by a strong force of Confederate infantry--an ambuscade.
Nowadays the ancient cedar forests in the Levant have all but disappeared.
We are seeing a natural regeneration of the cedar forests in all directions," Abu-Izzeddin said, sharing Faahry's optimism.
Beresford-Kroeger's tree travelogue takes the audience around the world: the cedar forests of Japan, the ancient Raheen Wood of Ireland, the redwoods of the US, and the great boreal of Canada.
Seventy years after those words were spoken, the trees continued to fall as logging corporations clear-cut the ancient cedar forests of Meares Island.
Mongolia is home to vast grasslands, towering mountain ranges, magnificent dense cedar forests, fast flowing streams, meadows filled with glorious wild flowers and an abundance of wildlife including bears, wolves and deer.
To determine the cause of the increases in Japanese cedar pollen levels, we should consider about the Japanese cedar forests, which are the source of the pollen.
Project Description: Of the 12 surviving stands of cedar forests in Lebanon, Tannourine-Hadath El-Jebbeh is the largest and most contiguous amongst them.
Don't be fooled by the road winding gently through vineyards and cedar forests at the foot of the slope.
In Mandi district, off the Jogindernagar road, its approach is a tapestry of neatly terraced fields and cedar forests and it gets prettier as the road to the destination runs along the River Uhl.
Meyer (1937) characterized the site as open habitats of the glades, red cedar forests, and shrub habitats.

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