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(Ceiba pentandra), a tree of the family Bombaceae that grows in tropical America. The fruits yield kapok. The ceiba is cultivated in the tropical countries of both hemispheres.

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La ceiba de la memoria fue publicada en 2007, y dos anos despues ya habia ganado el Premio de narrativa "Casa de las Americas".
It is also different since nearly everything is owned by the state," said Sabastiaan Berger, a Dutch corporate lawyer with more than 15 years' experience in Cuba and the chief executive of Ceiba, whose investments include the Miramar Trade Center and hotels.
sissoo Bombax ceiba Phoenix dactylifera and Euclyptus camaldulensis after transplanting a characteristic behaviour of Indian crested porcupine was commonly observed in the plantations.
30 October 2014 - US safety and technology solutions provider PerkinElmer Inc (NYSE:PKI) said it had taken over domestic sciences and laboratory IT software and services company Ceiba Solutions Inc.
The temporary suspension of the Ceiba International flights was a precautionary measure adopted by the government, but it resumed the flights after it obtained equipment to detect and confront a possible Ebola outbreak.
The discovery of the Ceiba Field in 1999 attracted a great deal of upstream exploration because the structure of the field was geologically very similar to other parts of Equatorial Guinea's offshore acreage.
Ceiba Energy Services announces the opening of a custom treating and water disposal facility located at 17 Street and 92 Ave in Strathcona County, AB.
Ceiba's 2011 annual report acknowledges that Berger and Ceiba Property Corp.
Table (2) shows that Bombax ceiba is morphologically distinct from Ceiba pentanda and Ceiba speciosa in thorn shape & color, trunk developed with butteresses, tree branching type, large pulvinus, petiole length (14.5cm), leaflet petiolule length (2.6cm), leaflet blade length (11cm)& width (4.8cm) where Bombax ceiba has the highest values, the number, shape and apex of the leaflet and different flowering seasons.
Ceiba Intercontinental, The Republic of Equatorial Guinea National Airline, launched a historic inaugural flight to Madrid on October 4, 2012.