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(Ceiba pentandra), a tree of the family Bombaceae that grows in tropical America. The fruits yield kapok. The ceiba is cultivated in the tropical countries of both hemispheres.

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We are extremely pleased to make our third successive find offshore Equatorial Guinea following the discovery and development of the Ceiba Field.
The government of Equatorial Guinea has a carried 5% participating interest in Ceiba Field production and would also have the same interest in any Okume area commercial production.
Amerada Hess Corporation (NYSE: AHC) and Bergesen DY Offshore AS of Oslo, Norway, today announced that the floating production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO) that will be the cornerstone of the continued development of the Ceiba Field has been upgraded and renamed.
Importantly, the well was the first test of several similar prospects in the same area that we high-graded based on 3-D seismic attributes calibrated by early exploration drilling and Ceiba Field development.
The Company expects the total capital investment in Ceiba Textiles to be approximately $25 million, which includes the cost of constructing the building.
Bauer drillship, which drilled the F-1 well, is returning to Triton's Ceiba Field in Block G, where it is next scheduled to drill two water-injection wells and one development well.
1 quake struck off the Caribbean coast of Honduras, 80 miles northeast of the beach town of La Ceiba, according to the U.
The increase reflects an anticipated capital investment of up to $211 million for Triton's continued development and appraisal of the Ceiba Field offshore Equatorial Guinea and $42 million for exploration of the Company's Blocks F and G there for a total of $253 million.
CEIBA Investments, a closed-end fund that invests only in Cuba, plans to list on the London Stock Exchange in June, a sign of growing interest since Fidel Castro was sidelined by illness, reports Reuters (April 3, 2008):
Triton Energy Limited (NYSE: OIL) announces that oil production has begun from its Ceiba Field, located on Block G off the continental coast of Equatorial Guinea.
Payless and InterGroup will start deploying services in the cities of: Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Tela, El Progreso, La Lima, Choluteca, San Lorenzo, Juticalpa, Catacamas, and Santa Rosa.
Ceiba Textiles, a 300,000 square-foot facility in San Pedro Sula, will knit, dye, finish, cut and sew fabrics into apparel, mainly for the activewear segment.