Celestial Globe

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celestial globe

[sə′les·chəl ′glōb]
A small globe representing the celestial sphere, on which the apparent positions of the stars are located. Also known as star globe.

Celestial Globe


a globe depicting the celestial sphere with a network of equatorial coordinates and with the ecliptic and the brightest stars. It is usually fitted within two mutually perpendicular rings that are marked off in degrees, which depict the horizon and meridian of a given location. The globe’s axis of rotation can be fixed at any angle to the plane of the horizontal ring. Thus the globe can be placed in such a way as to depict the position of the celestial sphere for a given location at any moment. The celestial globe is used in solving problems of spherical astronomy related to the diurnal and annual motions of the earth.

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The Pair of Terrestrial and Celestial Globes are an extremely fine example of Father Vicenzo Maria Coronelli's eminent career as a globe-maker; the original gores are presented as they were intended to be seen and mounted on spectacular modern stands, both with four supporting African figures, in antique style by Greaves and Thomas.
The Romans made a celestial globe called the Farnese globe in 25 AD.
A female figure embraces a terrestrial globe at her side and holds a celestial globe aloft [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 11 OMITTED].
1) Richard Cushee-Matched pair of terrestrial and celestial globes, 1731: Call numbers Map Globe 6 and Map Globe 7 (see 'Gateways' April 2005).