base station

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base station

[′bās ‚stā·shən]
A land station, in the land mobile service, carrying on a service with land mobile stations (a base station may secondarily communicate with other base stations incident to communications with land mobile stations).
A station in a land mobile system which remains in a fixed location and communicates with the mobile stations.
The point from which a survey begins.
A geographic position whose absolute gravity value is known.

base station

(1) A holder (see cradle).

(2) In general, a transmitter and receiver of electronic signals.

(3) An earth-bound transceiver station for wireless transmission to a communications satellite. See earth station and transceiver.

(4) A transceiver station for wireless transmission to cellular phones and devices. In 2G GSM systems, the base station is a "base transceiver station" (BTS). In 3G and LTE networks, base stations are known as "Node B" and "Evolved Node B" (eNB) stations respectively. See 3G, LTE and transceiver.

(5) A transceiver station for a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi base station is an "access point." See access point, transceiver and wireless LAN.
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Prenav is currently working with customers including wireless carriers, cell tower owners, service providers, and wind turbine operators.
The agency also provided city officials links to numerous news reports of cell towers catching fire or collapsing, including the incident last September when a cell tower near Thurston High School caught fire.
Tenders are invited for Design, Install and Manage a Stealth Monopole Cell Tower.
The phones are in continuous communication with local cell towers, providing a great opportunity to snoop while being discreet.
But these concerns aside, cell towers are typically a win-win for providers, building owners and tenants.
The updated product line from the leading fiber optic cable technology specialists in Canada features the high performance, weather-proof IP-Series connector systems from Senko Advanced Components, which is designed to withstand the elements while assuring top level transmission performance within cell tower applications.
As the race to provide better cellphone coverage heats up, major providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have reacted to growth pressure by subcontracting more cell tower work throughout the country to keep up with the demand.
As 25 percent of cell towers in storm-affected regions went down and relief work became stalled by flooding and fallen trees, wireless service is yet to return to normal levels.
location was proposed in 2009 by selectmen, after the town changed its bylaws to permit cell towers in the Historic District.
5G cell towers islandwide by the end of the year, bringing total number of its cell towers to 6,500-7,000.
Iraqi mobile operator Asiacell said that it had received "inside information" from the country's security forces that terrorists intend to destroy all of the telco's cell towers in Mosul.