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Any of a group of extracellular enzymes, produced by various fungi, bacteria, insects, and other lower animals, that hydrolyze cellulose.



an enzyme of the hydrolase class. Cellulase depolymerizes cellulose polysaccharides (including cellulose itself) and forms glucose or the disaccharide cellobiose. Cellulase is found in germinated grain and in many bacteria and fungi; it is especially active in house fungi that grow on wood. Cellulase is also found in certain animals that feed on wood; these animals include shipworms and Cossidae. Ruminants are able to digest cellulose because symbiotic microorganisms that release cellulase live in the compartments of their stomachs, especially in the rumen.

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Cellulases are mixture of several enzymes that act in concert to hydrolyze crystalline cellulose to its monomeric component i.
Using a computer program to design where the genes recombine, the researchers "mated" the sequences of three known fungal cellulases to make more than 6,000 progeny sequences that were different from any of the parents, yet encoded proteins with the same structure and cellulose-degradation ability.
In collaboration with DOE, the two companies have since discovered new microbial cellulases by using genetic techniques and have streamlined production of those enzymes.
In an additional development, the Lynd group showed that cellulase enzymes are several-fold more effective when they are present on the surface of a metabolically-active cell as compared to when the enzymes act independently of cells.
This report explores present and future strategies within the biofuel enzymes market, which includes amylases, cellulases, xylanases, lipases and other enzymes.
The objective of this study was to investigate fibrolytic activities profiles of FAE, AE, carboxymethyl cellulases, xylanase, avicelase and volatile fatty acids production of Neocallimastix sp.
Novel properties of cellulases from the shipworm bacterium may lead to applications for which fungal enzymes aren't well suited, Distel says.
1976; Saddler, 1982; Ortega and Baca, 1985) that maximum enzyme activity of fungal cellulase systems is obtained when the pH of the reaction mixture is 4.
Farmacule's genetic technology will make this a reality, producing viable plants that contain the cellulase enzyme to enable the cost-efficient production of ethanol as a by-product of the sugarcane," he said.
These enzymes are not produced by the animals themselves but the reticulorumen of ruminants maintains microorganisms that do produce cellulase and hemicellulase.
The extracellular cellulases of Exserohilum rostratum and the effect of different carbon sources on the production of these enzymes were investigated.

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