Cellulose Nitrate Paints

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Cellulose Nitrate Paints


(or cellulose nitrate enamels), suspensions of pigments in cellulose nitrate lacquers. Cellulose nitrate paints are produced by various methods. The choice of a method of production depends on the ability of the binder to wet the pigment. Such methods include mixing of the pigment with the lacquer in a ball mill or disaggregation of the pigment in a plasticizer medium in a color-grinding machine, with subsequent mixing of the pigment paste with the lacquer.

Upon application to a surface (usually by pressure spraying), cellulose nitrate paints dry at room temperature in 15–30 min, with formation of a sealing film. To improve adhesion and increase the water-resistance of the coatings, cellulose nitrate paints are applied over an alkyd or phenol-oil base coat. Alkyd or cellulose nitrate prime coats are used to smooth out the surface to be protected.

Cellulose nitrate paints form coatings with various decorative properties, such as crackle, hammered, mirror, and matte surfaces. They are used for painting metal (motor vehicles, instruments, and machines) and wood (kitchen and medical furniture; toys), as well as fabrics and leather.


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