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These two robotic vehicles will now work together over the next three weeks to investigate why the Celtic deep area of the Celtic sea is particularly attractive to marine predators, such as dolphins and seabirds.
In the North Celtic Sea, the Company has agreed with Fastnet
CLASSIC DIJON HONEY DRESSING 2 tsp high-quality Dijon mustard 1 tsp honey 2 tsp apple cider vinegar Juice of 1 small lemon 1/8 cup filtered water Celtic sea salt Pepper 1/4 tsp fresh thyme 1/4 tsp fresh dill 1 lavender bloom Put all the ingredients into a mason jar, screw on the lid, and shake.
MONTY Halls, BBC2's Fisherman's Apprentice, is supporting the launch of the Celtic Seas Partnership, a four-year international project to protect the 'Celtic Seas' - the wildlife-rich waters which extend from the British Isles and Ireland to northern France.
Wetsuits have improved and this side of Anglesey does have the Gulf Stream making the Celtic Sea warmer than the North Sea.
The rockfall, caused by coastal erosion, took place at Dead Man's Cove, which juts out into the Celtic Sea near Redruth.
This year the 608 nautical mile race, which starts on The Solent off Cowes and takes the fleet down the Channel and across the Celtic Sea to round Fastnet Rock before returning to finish off Plymouth, attracted a record fleet of 318 boats.
The cash will be used to drill an appraisal well in the Barryroe oilfield in the Celtic Sea off the south coast of Ireland.
Among their topics are the structural framework, regional development, the history of oil and gas exploration, Permian and Triassic stratigraphy, Cenozoic stratigraphy, Celtic Sea basins, Atlantic margin basins, Northern Ireland and Irish Sea basins, and the future outlook.
And in her answers to a European Parliament policy questionnaire, Damanaki said she would develop sustainable management plans for west of Scotland haddock; Celtic Sea herring; North Sea sole and plaice; and Baltic Sea salmon and pelagic stocks.
Folklore talks of Manannan, a mythical Celtic sea god who could magic up a cloak of fog to hide the island from marauding invaders.
Last week Island said it was preparing to sell its Celtic Sea assets off southern Ireland to concentrate on Morocco.